Babies, Storks and the Illusion of Separation at Birth.

I’ve been consciously nurturing a story within me for a few years now.

In my head I’ve been calling it “All About Michael”.

Water has slowly oozed it out of me, my water family has parented and born witness to it and my teacher and mentor has ensured I keep breathing it through me.

In starting to share it, I’m letting it go. It has taken me a while to process so much and to be at peace with it all.

It felt too vulnerable to allow another’s judgement in on it. With all due respect, it no longer matters if others believe it to be true or not.

A story told, makes it every more real and for me that it already is.

This essay title could also read The Illusion of Separation at Birth and the destruction of humanity. But that would be all too dramatic and put too many expectations on it would it not?

When I looked up the term Illusion of Separation on the internet I got a number of spiritual sites that talked about transcendence of the ego, unified resonance and quantum fields of consciousness.

Science, it seems, is finding the words and equations to express the spiritual notion that we are indeed all one, continuously affecting our own reality as well as other’s. We all are in fact.

We are finding the words to express in everyday language, some very complicated spiritual concepts.

This process of grounding, experiencing and owning up to these thoughts is what is actually making them become the new human collective reality.

This could be defined as the embodiment process that turns ‘fiction’ into fact. This is the bridging of all dimensions into oneness. We are grounding and we are rising simultaneously.

The shift is visibly happening more than ever before. We used to think the world is flat. We used to think men were better than women. We used to think babies came with the stork.

We are slowly but gradually awakening to the idea that we are as much responsible for our own lives as that as the collective’s. We are more and more accepting that everything is energy manifested in physical form.

Yes, I agree that’s a lot of responsibility and self-parenting in one sentence.

It would, of course, be much easier if we remained in a consciousness that said god is real and he will do life for us if we just let him. But we must become our own daddies and mummies if we are to survive the trajectory we appear to currently be on.

Healing the Illusion of Separation has been a theme that has been stalking me for some time now but I’ve never felt quite ready to approach it in writing head on.

So much of my own healing has taken place in the time between conception and birth. It is both a very personal and sensitive story but one that is full of intrigue.

Over time came acceptance, forgiveness and release I gratefully realized this wasn’t just an indulgent personal story of self-interest but a collective evolutionary process that is currently taking place in humanity and that we are all getting glimpses of the bigger picture as we go along.

The butterfly effect is becoming instant!

I see it in the themes and topics of last year’s Embodiment Conference. I see it in the threads that arise more and more frequently in healing sessions and I notice it in the words and language that we are choosing to speak and to describe our workshops and services we provide worldwide.

I am no scientist and have no hard evidence to consolidate my thoughts. But, I do have my own personal experience that I trust above all else because even if it is an illusion it has served me well. I also have a number of fellow companions that have experienced similar things and share the same personal truth.

In my defense I can add that “Consciousness has no boundaries, the only limits to our consciousness, is our imagination” and of that I have plenty.

So what of it? What of this illusion of separation?

Boldly I could claim that it has brought humanity to the brink of extinction but I would rather indulge in the how I got to that conclusion, in the hope of a better ending to this story and our future.

First I must define consciousness as an awareness of myself that is not defined by cognitive thought. By this I mean not everything makes sense in a linear fashion.

This is how I get to the storks and babies bit. Of course storks don’t bring about babies but how did the idea show up in our language in the first place?

In a rather amusing blog post called Do Storks Deliver Babies?, researcher Jos Stam writes that in order to

“ prove the stork theory scientists correlated the number of babies being born in houses with storks sitting on chimneys. The correlation was staggering. Conclusion: babies are delivered by storks! A more reasonable way to explain that correlation is that people who care about their babies will heat up their home by putting an extra log in their fireplace. And hey storks like it nice and warm and cosy. So they like to plunk their bodies on a nice source of heat caused by families having babies.”

What Stam is really trying to say here, is that in science if A is not correlated to B then A cannot imply B and B cannot imply A. But because the above stork, fireplaces and babies born all correlated then yes babies were delivered by storks until proven otherwise!

Science cannot yet prove how certain memories get imprinted in our brains and the general consensus is that we can’t remember being babies or young children before the age of round about seven. However

“The hippocampus is a brain structure thought to be crucially involved in the formation of memory for facts and events. At birth and in early childhood this structure is not fully grown, and so memory of birth is unlikely. What’s interesting is that the brain structure for emotional memory, the amygdala, is mature in infancy – the outcome of these two facts being that an emotionally significant event during infancy may affect the way a child behaves later in life despite them not being able to remember the actual event.” David Sant, Oxford

Still slightly limiting a definition in my view but I am sure there is some fascinating research currently taking place about memory recollection and neuroscience is making advances like never before. But I simply don’t have the time to catch up with it all right now.

So, I’m relying on my more traditional powers of embodied personal experience, behavioural observation and the firm belief that reality is defined from within us.

When I first experienced a recollection of an emotion that correlated to my embryonic state I was flabbergasted. I really had no way of processing it or explaining it. Sharing it was only possible within my training group as I felt too sensitive to the judgment and negations of your average ‘normal’ person’s mind.

In this deep dive of mine, I processed memories of incarnation, of being male spermatozoa as well as a female egg.

I remembered myself incarnating and developing for the first 3 to 4 weeks of this lifetime as a twin embryo in a single yolk sac. I also feel, sense and emotionally remember that the twin soul that jumped into this life with me, left. He went back to where we came from.

The most honest and worthy reaction at this point to this perinatal fascination of mine would actually be “Why bother?”

I bother because I have a curious mind. I bother because I believe human potential is much great than what we dare practice and I bother because it defines me from within.

By becoming aware of the depths of myself layer upon layer, I wish to become ever more my self.

But, let’s get back to the point about being at the brink of our extinction….

Extracts from “All About Michael”