When we are grounded and COMFORTABLE in our own skin we tend to stand firmly on our own two feet. Metaphorically speaking, when we can stand ‘on our own two feet’, also means we are able to SUPPORT ourselves and lead us to where we want to be in life.

The ways we occupy our bodies can show up quite differently when in water. Without the habitual force of gravity, to ‘stand’ in water can take a little bit more effort. Water will show up subtle EMBODIMENT nuances that are not as apparent when standing on land.

Broadly speaking, happy feet will more likely lead us to a happy life.

In randomly photographing teachers and parents in water I notice how we stand on our two feet. When we are able to balance, to stand in water, and to support ourselves with awareness, means we are in a better position to support our children.

Water can support us both physically and emotionally to help us feel happily embodied. Water memory patterns from our own birth journey can be addressed and integrated more easily.

An AQUATIC EMBODIMENT session can support you in remembering and embodying more of who you already are.