1. Mermaids exist all over the world.

2. Mermaids do not make a distinction between what’s magic and what’s real.

3. Mermaids live and travel in groups called pods like dolphins. It is called a merpod.

4. Mermaid tails move up and down like dolphins not left and right.

5. Mermaids and mermen procreate.

6. Mermaids are both mammals and fish.

7. Mermaids are warm blooded.

8. Mermaids breastfeed.

9. Mermaids don’t have the same concept of time as humans do, they  ‘go with the flow’.

10. Mermaids have extraordinary abilities for human standards.

11. Mermaids are not ‘little’!


That’s it for now merfolk…

Can you think of any more mermaid facts yourself?

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