We are all familiar with the image of a beautiful baby who everyone gravitates towards right? In energetic terms, pure light force and positively charged vibrations still resonant with a close memory of Source.

As beautiful and pure a baby’s resonant field may be, he or she will also very much be processing the incredibly powerful nine-month birth journey they’ve just completed. Intense fear and a sense of disempowering vulnerability are very much present as well.

However, depending on the land and culture you come from, you might even pinch this baby’s cheek or spit on it with exaggerated fervour to ward off the evil eye while slamming your face and stale adult breath in theirs.

Your touch is likely to be too harsh unless it moves in less than 3 centimetres a second and the volume of your voice probably feels like thunder too.

Fortunately, a major sign of our collective evolving consciousness over the past forty-odd years has been the shift from seeing babies as inanimate objects to the most sensitive vulnerable human beings of us all.

Perhaps it is because we have dared re-enter this vulnerable and sensitive place in ourselves, that we can now resonate with more compassion, understanding and awareness towards babies and children.

Babies are psychically connected to Source.

Their resonant field is pure and open, their open crown functions like an energetic umbilical cord of sorts connecting them to the universal field, as well as their ancestors.

This translates as being able to pick up on the energy in the room, other people’s presence in time and space, as well as first impressions and sensations that we as adults have long forgotten.

Their unformed brain is like a sponge that absorbs everything through vibration and responds through an intricate process of elimination. If you don’t use it you loose it!

Babies are an incredible amass of unlimited potential waiting to unfold into their physical form. Their unique human resonance is far greater than our own which comes with an evolved capacity to bring about change.

Vibration precedes emotion, which precedes form and structure in our human formation.

What this means is that their perception of the world is much closer to pure presence. Babies live much more so in the present moment than our own well-formed egos, survival mechanisms and life copying sensory filters which project our fears left, right, into the past and into the future as well.

And yet it appears that due to physical size, a linear understanding of time, maturity or ability and a human pecking order this major fact gets overlooked. Or perhaps, the unprocessed memory of our own birth journey leaves us unwanting to connect and fully remember this state of vulnerability and fear.

A baby’s energy field is uncontained, unfiltered and unlimited creating a powerful vulnerability which gives them the capacity to sense, feel, perceive in minute detail and precision vibrational fields which we have shut ourselves down to in time.

This can translate us, babies, being able to feel our emotional state even if we don’t. They sense when we are trying to hide something when we are not in truth. They feel changes in our heartbeat which alerts them to a safe environment or not.

Their resonant field gets overridden by their adult-orientated environment.

Perhaps that’s the way it should be yet trauma is most often caused by a lack of awareness rather than intent. It is the small everyday things that leave an unrecalled imprint in our systems.

While carrying, holding, touching or not touching, breastfeeding, nappy changing and consequent genital washing we immerse ourselves in their vibrational field, in their highly receptive personal space.

I understand how new awareness can bring on a sense of guilt or remorse for events or behaviours gone by, but this is not my intention here. The layers of awareness that are currently unfolding are part of our evolutionary process. It is about moving through our previous unawareness with awareness so that we can move forward into new paradigms of behaviour and child to adult relationships.

We are coming into the understanding and acceptance of ourselves as multidimensional human beings.

The awareness of babies as open and fully receptive energetic beings asks that we simply begin to observe, to give space and to allow for their systems to embody all of who they are.

In wanting to support babies embody, define and maintain their resonant field we might wish to consider the following:

  • Maintain clearly defined borders ourselves
  • Hold an intention for transparent communication
  • Ask for their consent and practice adulthood with integrity even when you think baby is not watching
  • Make a commitment to being the best of who you can be
  • Learn to contain rather than project your own emotions
  • Take responsibility for your mistakes and apologize for your shortcomings as honestly as you are able

The more we share our observations the quicker we can address this matter with the urgency it merits.