Join me for a magical journey on the mermaid shaped island of Corfu, Greece from the 24th to the 27th of June 2020!

The crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea are my natural habitat and I would love to share my vision of The Mermaid IslandĀ© with you while enjoying the pleasures of land and water.

Supported by the vibrant and creative community of Arillas there will be lots more fun to be had and joy to discover in between our daily mermaid activities and experiences.

The Mermaid IslandĀ© will bring out the mermaid in you whether you are a man or a woman, adult or child!

Book before 31st March and you will be able to use one of our professional mermaid tails for the entire holiday for free by writing to us at mermaidscorfu@gmail.com

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