A true story of personal evolution and a brave woman’s conquest over her fear.

When I first heard from Małgorzata Januszczyk Siemieniuk via e-mail, I wasn’t quite sure what to think.

It was certainly the first time I had ever heard from Poland.

She openly wrote about her fear of water, of not knowing how to swim and her apprehension for travel. And yet, she felt attracted to Corfu and was asking me if I would work with her.

By putting my lovely flattered ego aside, I was able to give her an honest reply acknowledging her brave intentions at the challenging task at hand, but I did not expect to hear from her again.

It was in her second message, a week or so later, that I began to get a feel of what Margaret was really capable of.

She had already booked her flights and accommodation and was coming on over!

Determined action towards a happier, more whole self I would call it. Even more admirable for the process of overcoming ones limitations, becomes more challenging over time.

I would soon find out that Margaret was turning 50 and this was her gift to herself.

I am attracted to people who walk their talk and the prospect of meeting this stranger with a big heart, began to feel exciting for me too.

Margaret had booked a week in Arillas during her stay in Corfu and we agreed to meet three times in three different waters.

Quite honestly, I had no plan or clarity on how things would go and I know that it would really come down to Margaret and her brave spirit.

Our first sensitive encounter was all about trust and surrender. Holding her in my arms in shallow waters, she released what was energetically holding her back.

I was able to witness firsthand what Margaret was really made of. As she laid herself bare before me, a hurricane of energies, emotions and physical discomfort past between us, the kind that determined souls go through on a personal path to inner peace.

What I respected most was that she cared little if anyone else witnessed her dying ego as she gave up the fight splashing and whaling, in populated open sea waters.

We were on the same page on matters of time (that there is not time) and so we got straight to the point every time we met.

Our second meeting was in sacred waters at Paleopolis, where energy lines unite and ancient treasures decorate the sea floor.

Every moment I spent with Margaret I was aware that with each step she took, no matter how small or large, she was a step further than she had ever been before.

This session would be a calling for Margaret to stand on her own two feet, which in this case was to “float off her own two feet”.

A practiced breather, she was able to easily follow through, when it came to breathing in and out of a floating position.

When she made it, floating on her back unaided for the first time, we cried.

The energy of breakthrough and release is earthquakeingly intense. Shivers run up and down your spine and even though everything feels a little bit wobbly at first, you feel ecstatically alive.

The consciousness of balanced living whilst occupying one’s body with both feet on the ground, became vital as she took her first swim strokes alone.

So far Margaret had pushed herself. She was doing all the work. But before leaving our beautiful surroundings I felt the urge to do a little pushing of my own.

I asked her to walk the stone jetty that Kings and Queens had walked before us, holding my hand if she must.

We would walk to the end of the pier and only then would we decide if we would take the biggest leap of faith of all.

She jumped into open sea waters for the first time there and then.

The path she had walked before, allowed her to get a grip on the panic that initially rose to the surface, as she realized fish where swimming beneath her feet. But as she breathed through the top layer of fear she had focused on previously, she could now begin to get in touch with another long forgotten sensation, PLEASURE.

With a noodle for balance and as little support as possible, I pushed further by letting her know she had ten minutes to kick her wobbly legs back to shore, for her bus back to Arillas would soon leave.

And with Margaret being Margaret, of course she did!

Our final meeting was to take place in a pool. A controlled environment, different possibilities, harder to float.

“You came all the way here to swim? So do it!” was the energy of the third session, surprising myself with my own steadfastness and relentlessness.

She floated, she swam across the pool and she jumped in again and again until she could get in touch with a child’s sense of joy she had not allowed herself until then.

The energy of overcoming one’s limitations is palpable, intoxicating and inspiring to say the least.

Last month I received another message from Margaret, with photos attached: She was jumping off a catamaran to snorkel in tropical warm waters!

Margaret created a new life for herself by turning her ‘No’ into a huge ‘Yes’. She is now able to travel to places she had never been before and to enjoy a renewed sense of being alive through the freedom of water. A gift for life.

Water remembers, water loves, water heals.

Thank you water and thank you Margaret!