A passion for authentic individuality?

What am I blabbering on about here?

To set aside one’s perceived reality long enough for one’s authentic self to shine forth and then to have the courage to see it through without fear. That’s what.

How does one tell the difference between what’s authentic and what’s not?

The amount of light and joy that shines forth. Not the kind you speak of  but the kind permeates your whole body. The kind that people react to with a smile for the heart knows what’s true and real.

Judging thoughts however simple, swift, innocent or ‘right’ are but a wet diaper on one’s authentic individuality.

So is fear.

That said, it takes a scrupulous amount of discernment to say “No I don’t want that, it does not express my truth”.

If we can courageously get past that point even for just a few moments in a life time, we begin to witness the unfolding of our authentic self.

If we are able to stand in our individual truth amongst our family, our peers, our teachers we are well on the way of making a difference in this world.

The part of us that tries not to fit in the box lest it gets left behind. The part that dares to express its truth even at the cost of remaining seemingly alone. Seemingly, for in the quest for one’s individuality, one has assuredly had a glimpse of our Oneness.

Breaking free of collective notions of acceptability is a tough threshold to surpass on the quest for finding our authentic individuality.

Much like early age potty training it can be a hit or miss affair. The collective pool resists change even if what it sees is more beautiful. Even if it is better. Yes Better!

Better being defined as better in all senses of the world. More light, more beauty, more joy, more effective, more productive, more reproductive.

Oh yes you bet I’m judging!

Only if each one of us can confidently, lovingly express our individual truths can the fear of being ‘swollowed’ up by a collective unity, be overcome.

Only if we can truly stand alone can we stand together as one.

That’s what all the passion and urgency is about.

Even if we agree to disagree on this, I would love to hear from you.