I took a moment in the baby pool recently to sit back and feel the energy of what was going on that morning.

Six beautiful little girls between the ages of 2 and 6 are paddling away without a care in the world. Mummies are sitting on the side of the pool protectively taking photos admiringly and encouragingly. Fishy toys, music and even soap bubbles are abound setting the scene for an idyllic summer vacation.

I was used to the joyful energy in the morning session attracting peoples’ attention but I realised something different in this instance.

I was being touched by a particular feeling of innocence where there is no conscious worry in the world and the apparent lack of any fear.

For a few seconds at a time I am able to catch a glimpse of a pure state of existence where love and beauty are bountiful and only the sounds of giggles and laughter are present.

I silently and transparently as possible observe the energy field lest I break this bubble of innocent existence. I indulge in the possibility of locating this time and place of innocence within me. This primordial state of bliss and oneness where the heart hasn’t been overridden by fears still exists within me.

I realise that if we are “lucky” enough we can still get glimpses of this state of innocence during our life time.

Mostly, however, I conclude that we have given ourselves over to the fear side of protecting something where we have long forgotten what that something is.

I am blessed days later to still be indulging in that feeling left over by a glimpse of a state of innocence…