As I sat opposite a tree this morning to BREATHE in partnership with it the following question grew in me.

Does a tree doubt it is a tree?

A tree just is, is it not?

A tree is a tree, is a tree.

It has CERTAINTY, in human terms.

STABILITYis contained within its very form.

ROOTEDliterally within itself.

The energy translates as a deep seeded sense of FAITH that transcends itself into a complete absence of self-doubt.

Do I trust in I as a tree trusts in itself?

Am I certain that I am as I AM, as a tree is certain it is a tree?

As I find my breathing rhythm deep into my belly I begin to feel full.

Full with a STRENGTH that overflows with a warm golden honey-like liquid that gradually overflows to manifest my reality.

In this instant I have no need to impose myself onto another for I KNOW, I FEEL, I TRUST, I AM.

I have no need to make a claim over another for my strength is undeniably, undoubtedly sourced from God.

I feel strong for I know that I walk steadily on the path that I am on.

May 2014