Aquatic Doula Services

Water enhances our sense of connection and supports healthy growth patterns on all levels.

In water we soften, we open up and release what is not serving our intention and purpose physically, as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

By providing a womb-like environment water allows parents to lovingly explore their own patterns and birth imprints in order to create a positive and lighter birth continuum for their child’s transition into life.

The properties of water help couples prepare physically for birth by:

  • engaging the breath naturally
  • sensitizing their senses
  • synchronizing heart pulsations
  • strengthening intimacy
  • detoxifying physically and emotionally
  • inducing a state of calmness
  • accessing new levels of awareness
  • releasing their own birth patterns and memory imprints

Aquatic Embodiment

Being born is a profound human experience which impacts all human beings on all levels for life. Our birth journey from preconception to birth leaves physical, emotional and spiritual imprints which have the capacity to influence us for the duration of our lifetime.

Water helps us to gently unfold and to occupy our physical bodies with ease. It has the capacity to help us integrate our birth experience softly so that we get to start life in our fullest potency.

Water does so by:

  • Releasing tension stored in the body
  • Restoring a sense of safety and connection
  • Inducing a relaxed state and easier sleep
  • Strengthening the bond with parents and family
  • Enhances physical growth and brain development
  • Promotes regular breathing
  • Ignites healthy feeding patterns

Aquatic Doula Services include:

Conscious Pregnancy & Birth Preparation

Packages: I am able to provide different levels of support for your entire pregnancy. I can start supporting your conscious pregnancy journey prior to conception, during pregnancy, your due month and provide postnatal care and birth integration.

Ideally, for a conscious pregnancy journey the earlier we start working together the better for the incoming soul and the entire family.

Conscious Pregnancy Classes and Consultations:  These are group classes in water or individual consultations tailored to meet specific needs during pregnancy.

Classes will vary depending on location. Individual consultations for one or both parents can be provided online.

Baby Water Clinic: These are sessions for newborn babies or children under two years of age helping them integrate their birth experience, adapt to their physical body and life on earth.

Sessions last an hour and usually include a land and water element
where both or either parent may be present. These can take place in a birthing pool set up in your own home or with one of our swimming pool collaborators.

Current Aquatic Doula Service Locations:

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