Baby Doula

Supporting Life With Water 

By supporting a child’s birth journey from preconception to birth in water, we can make this sacred initiation into life as gentle and smooth as naturally possible.

I am an aquatic perinatal therapist and currently a practising pregnancy and birth doula. I am a doula for your baby or a Baby Doula.

This means I help YOU baby to have a safe and gentle transition into this world.

I can advise you at conception and prepare your parents for the news of your arrival.

I can hold your mama’s hand as you grow inside her and let her know all your needs she might not have thought about already.

I might encourage her to listen to you more deeply, I can show your dad how best to support and protect all of you, align them with your purpose and help them to open to the new gifts that you bring.

I will make sure everyone listens to your voice and point of view while I help your parents prepare themselves and their environment for your birth day.

I will feel into your needs while on your birth journey, hold space for you, and sing for you too. I will be there for you to guide you every inch of the way through.

I will gladly be a witness to your first breath and I will continue to be around as long as you need me to be.

I believe in you and the future you have come to bring and it would be an honour to be a part of your life in this way.

So dear parent, if you feel your baby might need me to be part of their birth journey please contact me so we can arrange for an introductory call together on ZOOM, Skype or Messenger. I can advise and support you online and help you feel into how best to support yourself and your baby in this crucial time.

With love and in service,

Sophia Michalopoulou Perinatal Consultant & Baby Doula