Water is a multidimensional environment, a natural container for life, a memory enhancer, a connector of peoples, of parts of ourselves through time and space, a soother for the body and soul.

When met with warm water, our bodies remember, our waters resonate, our bodies release and let go what they have been holding onto for so long.

Warm water simulates a womb-like environment which allows us to remember and process previously unmet parts of ourselves.

Our inner baby’s early aquatic beginnings have been imprinted in our body tissue, our nervous systems, our emotional bodies, our cellular memories, the patterns of which continue to be repeated throughout our lives.

How do we meet life itself, how do we rise to its challenges, how comfortable do we feel in our own skin? Do we listen to our own heartbeat or do we fall for another’s tempo and opinion?

In water we can be present for ourselves, to witness with acceptance what arises naturally, gently, softly, so that we can embody more of who we already are.

What rises to the surface can come out of the shadow and become conscious and positively integrated by the person in the here and now.

Aquatic Embodiment sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes long and take place in warm water, you don’t need to know how to swim.

  • They can help babies and children process and integrate behaviours and conditions that might have arisen from a traumatic birth experience.
  • They can help families connect to each other and reclaim a love lost or other difficult experiences related to a child’s birth in the family.
  • They bring awareness to physical, mental and emotional issues that might be hindering one’s enjoyment of life.
  • They can bring relief, a deep sense of connection and a new level of spiritual understanding.

AQUATIC EMBODIMENT sessions take place in water that is above 33C. There is a brief initial consultation on land to help you clarify your needs and intentions for the session. 

Initially, a person is floated on the water’s surface where gentle movement is introduced, following the natural flow of the water and the body’s individual way of releasing tension.

As a session progresses you might be taken underwater if this feels comfortable for you. Further healing can take place as the breath is engaged more deeply.

Please do contact us at in advance if you have specific questions or concerns or call us on (+44) 074 6636 6801.

Aquatic Embodiment with Sophia Michalopoulou

“I am fascinated by the ways water evolves us by helping us remember more of who we are. By reconnecting our breath and heartbeat to the previously unseen and unclaimed parts of ourselves we occupy our bodies more consciously and more fully than before.”

Sophia is an aquatic therapist & educator who runs classes, workshops and retreats internationally.

Sophia has worked as a holistic therapist on land for nearly twenty years and has introduced her energetic work and experience, including crystals and sound into the element of water.

She is currently a co-creator at Aqua Sensory which is based at Swim Works International Aquatic Centre in Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom.

She is a student of David Sawyer’s Integrative Aquatic Therapy Prenatal Journey work in water and a practitioner of WATSU, Waterdance and Healing Dance aquatic bodywork modalities.

She is a lisenced AUSTSWIM Swimming and Water Safety Instructor, a Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics, and a volunteer swimming instructor for the Special Olympics Swimming team in Corfu as a teacher of Access and Inclusion.