We are not just our physical body.

We have an emotional body.

A mental one and a spiritual one too.

Just to keep it simple.

All these are interconnected and contained within our individual energy fields.

Our energy fields transmit and interact with each other’s and everything else in the universe.

Everything is energy vibrating at a specific frequency.

When we are born it is like learning to contain unlimited potential in a box of matches.

That’s how big we really are!

It’s no wonder that learning to adjust the magnitude of who we are into a small ‘container’ is tricky.

Water acts as a ‘lubricant’ that helps us adjust to our new physical environment at birth but also later in life, helping us adjust to change on the outside as well as within.

It also helps to develop healthy and positive synapses in our brain which is predominantly liquid.

As we grow older, the more we evolve we begin to become more and more aware of our entirety.

Then again maybe not.

Either way ‘teething’ pains are involved.

The truth of the matter is that the more aware we do become of ourselves and of others, the more of ourselves we can ‘contain’ and the more we allow others to ‘contain’ of themselves.

Having a limited view of another does not make them limited. It makes us limited.

The more of ourselves can be expressed when we don’t just see ourselves as a physical body or just our intellects or our emotions. There is a whole lineage of energies that come with us on this earthly journey when we choose to be born.

Perhaps not in such few words but I believe that enough human beings in the world today believe in this version of reality to bring it about as the new status quo in our evolutionary story as human beings.

What I’m saying here is not new. It has always been this way. Our conscious awareness of our mutlidimensional self is what’s new and the way we are collectively evolving into it.

Personally I have witnessed these thoughts grow in me, in scope and in depth over time to the point where I’m at now. I’m living out this reality with you reading this at this present moment. I have the privilege of sharing this awareness with school and pools that are part of the existing status quo.

Things have definitely changed and they continue to evolve at a very rapid speed. The new wave is getting bigger and bigger. Together we are making a difference.

Twenty years ago I couldn’t put this awareness in writing. Ten years ago I was sharing it in private workshops with those that birthed the New Age. Today I am Iiving this as my everyday reality with some incredible people.

But it’s not all about my own private perception. I am one with you and you and you, which to me translates as: if I’m seeing change so are you.

We are observing new behaviors in children because we are able to see more of who they are. They themselves are demanding that we do. They see, feel and sense more and they are more clear and precise about what they do or do not like.

I’m not sure they are more intuitive than before or that we as adults are acknowledging this type of intelligence for the first time?

I also believe that all the work people have undertaken to lighten the load for the next generation has not gone unnoticed. By letting go of old paradigms in our ourselves, our families and our societies we are freeing space for the new generation to fill with their updated intelligences and unique gifts and abilities.

New speeds, new perceptions, new intelligences and new questions are begging to be asked. We need to pull our heads together and share what we are observing. Collective vision creates new paradigms along which we can provide therapies and educations that fit the entirety of who we are.

We want to be looking at brain processing speeds, physical agility and sensory perception, develop emotional intelligences and new communal paradigms so that we can function on a multidisciplinary level. We are no longer three dimensional. We are 5th dimensional humans.

We need to assess what stories we are telling our children. Are they still relevant? Do we need to dive deeper into our hearts until we reach a state that accepts new possibilities? Our awakening heart intelligence is becoming the new core strength unifying through it everything that came before it.

Energies don’t lie. These children will vibe us out until we change!

If you like what you read please share it. Together we make a difference.

Thank you water.