Water Happy people are people who are happy in water.

This positive approach to being in water listens to the time and way people need to feel safe, because it is impossible to feel happy if you don’t feel safe.

Feeling listened to and in turn respected for your choices, is often enough to make one feel safe whatever your age.

Once this instinctive ‘check’ of oneself and of others is satisfied, we can usually move on to enjoying ourselves.

Water itself listens, reflects and therefore communicates what it is we are feeling.

Going beyond our depth, in extreme cases might not feel immediately scary, if we’ve been taught to bottle up our emotions or live with fear on a daily basis. For others it might simply be exciting, daring even.

One must, however, be able to recognize what feeling happy feels like, in order to use it as a reference point within oneself.

For children and non-verbal communicators, feeling happy is usually unfiltered, natural and painfully apparent when not.

Ultimately it is about fine tuning one’s sense of self. It is a process of unlearning inbuilt emotional patterns that is easier done the younger the age.

Among many other things, water can teach us to listen to ourselves and how we are feeling.

If fear does show up, it is because it is already inside of us.

So you see, being water happy is not as straight forward or as easy as it first appears.

Committing to such an approach requires that we allow for time and space, whereas most learning environments ‘impose’ a certain method or technique to be learnt within a certain time frame.

Usually if you don’t fit within this timeframe a label is applied.

The #waterhappy approach says, love water and you will want to learn how to swim.

Fall in love with the sensation of floating, the underwater silence or the feeling on your skin and you will swim.

Learning here is organic, intrinsic to each individual and unfolds from within, it is the way of the heart.

Being #waterhappy is a way of living life itself.



#WaterHappy microgroups for toddlers and preschoolers @Nafsithoos Swimming Club in Corfu.

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