Ask for what your heart truly desires.

Ask for that which you’ve always longed for but been too scared to do so.

Go ahead and ask through your lying fears, your most deeply imbedded inhibitions and predetermined answers.

Ask for what lurks in your mind at night, comes alive in your wildest dreams and for what your body longs for but your mouth hasn’t dared speak.

Ask it of yourself, ask it of the universe and ask it of another.

Dare to be brave, even if it feels like you might die in the process of doing so.

It’s just another part of the ego facing the truth.

Progress, healing and growth do not lie in hiding, avoiding or any one part of you staying frozen in time.

Ask with the knowing that even if you don’t get what you want, at least you tried. At least you asked for it.

Dare to come out, to be vulnerable, dare the feeling of being rejected. Do it with consciousness so that whatever answer you might get, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Ask a thousand times more.

By asking it means you already know what you want.

By asking you set a part of yourself free.

By asking you create a million more possibilities.

By asking you create more space on the inside to receive.

Only when you ask can the next step be revealed.

Only if you ask will you know the truth of what really is.

The heart knows how to ask.

Ask it. Listen silently in the shadows of a New Moon in Scorpio for the words and wisdom it uses.

The mind can only create scenarios based on past memories of what it thinks is true.

Ask from the heart.

The heart is trully brave.

Ask and ask some more.

Go on, ask!


Photo source unknown.