Our awareness is expanding beyond our physical sense of self.

We are collectively becoming more in tune with our emotions and the understanding of our energetic dimension is becoming a more digestible idea in wider circles. We are realising how interconnected we all are.

Babies and children are naturally in tune with Earth’s vibrational nature because it is their primary level of existence in the womb. Our first language is vibrational.

Sounds, smells, colours and other subtle non-visible frequencies like the wavelengths of emotion and even thought patterns are more perceptible by the yet unstructured baby’s brain.

Babies’ hearts are open wide, their senses are newly awakened and their structure both physical and energetic is the most malleable it will ever be.

Becoming aware of our vibrational nature which communicates and functions through our multidimensional energy systems is giving rise to a whole new set of questions in relation to our professional practices around babies and children, particularly when in water.

Water absorbs, reflects and amplifies the most subtle of frequencies through its wavelength motion and flow. It is a ‘lubricant’ of sorts which accentuates our vibrational nature helping us contain energy more comfortably within our physical bodies.

If we could just for a second imagine ourselves as energetic beings with a Soul and a purpose, our image of ourselves would probably expand out a lot further than our current physical perception of who we are. Containing our multidimensional nature in our physical body can feel like trying to contain fire in a matchbox gracefully.

Water helps babies and adults contain and integrate all aspects of our multidimensional nature into a single, balanced and embodied self.

The element of water is itself multidimensional and is evolving us by unfolding more of who we are.   It does so, for example, by offering us:

–              A wider range of movements.

–              A different processing speed.

–              A multisensory experience.

–              A more deeply engaged breath.

–              A heightened flow of energy.

–              A vibrational trigger and response.

–              A receptive and accepting environment.

–              Increased access to stored body memory.

–              Easier access to different parts of the brain.

While salty water grounds, cleanses and purifies excess energetic charges in our systems.

When in water our energetic self also merges with whatever or whomever else the water is pulsating with. In water we connect with one another on a whole new level, we become one.

This notion in itself, awakens a vast field of new potential but also asks for more responsibility and a whole new and crystal clear set of values and ethics of professional behaviour in water.

How this vibrational exchange affects us and helps us unfold from within is the study of Water Happy’s mindful practices in water.

When working with water, we have the capacity to support our entire human system in a much more expanded and inclusive way. Water, in essence, is evolving us by expanding our capacities as human beings.

We are moving into new territory which is asking aquatic professionals to raise the bar to new levels of awareness particularly if they are working with babies and children.

Babies aren’t cute belongings to be photographed while pushed underwater. They are incredibly sensitive and evolved human beings and the least we owe them is to listen for their non-verbal consent.

Becoming Water Conscious means we are taking a look at what we are bringing to the water, how we work with water and that we have upgraded and expanded our understanding and awareness of our multidimensional nature.

Water merges the invisible with the visible, the physical with the nonphysical and opens our hearts to deeper layers of ourselves. As much as all this may still sound as new or even incredulous in some instances, it is only a matter of time until this way of perceiving becomes the new now.

Babies and children are showing us the way by clearly reacting to or engaging with the vibrational field around them and thereby clearly pointing out to us what we need to be paying attention to.

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