A child’s energy field is naturally pure and vibrant. 

Being in the presence of children brings joy and happiness for exactly this reason. It feels like magic!

Still closely connected to source their love frequency is high.

As adults we often indulge in their presence, yes out of love, but often in a much needed source of life force energy ourselves.

Carrying, holding, breast feeding, wiping genitals, a baby’s natural needs and dependence on adults for their survival, all involve the direct immersion of their energy field by that of adults.

It appears that due to a linear understanding of size, age and levels of awareness this major detail gets systematically overlooked.

This merging of energy fields is a natural process of course, amongst all human beings. A lack of awareness alone, however, can be felt as a form of physical violation on the child’s behalf.

A lack of awareness shifts our presence from an immersion to a violation of their personal space.

Energy is the primary medium through which baby feels and experiences.

A baby’s energy field is largely unformed and undefined. It is a pure unlimited resonant field that is still very much connected to source.

Supporting a child to integrate and define their resonant field safely, asks that we create clearly defined borders so that the child’s energy can become embodied, grounded and independent.

This alone, will allow them to stand on their own two feet and express their unique individuality rather than lose it.

A baby’s crown, still open, is connected directly to source. He or she ‘remembers’ what the unconditional love of source feels like. Her resonant field, still pure and open, behaves like a sponge that absorbs everything it comes into contact with and learns though transmission and imitation.

Like an unformed crystal defining itself by its surroundings. This calls for an allowing, a creating of space, of crystal clear discernment and integrity for what is appropriate when in their personal space. 

If anything, this is a reminder for adults to BE the best of their ability in the presence of babies and children in fifth dimensional reality or in any dimension for that matter.

Dr. Montessori tells us that great care must be taken with the youngest of children for, during this first plane of development:

“There is in the child a special kind of sensitivity which leads her to absorb everything about her, and it is this work of observing and absorbing that alone enables her to adapt herself to life.” (Montessori, 1964)

Interactions between individual resonant fields can become a beautifully orchestrated ensemble or a cacophony of ‘conflicting’ sounds.

These energetic exchanges are experienced as thoughts, feelings, sensations, dreams, visions, flashes, sounds in a unique and individual way.

This non-visible exchange accounts for up to 90% of our ‘communications’ even amongst adults. When this dimension of reality is denied, ignored or suppressed the least a young child will feel is depressed, disorientated, unloved.

It feels like we are denying them their ‘home’, their natural sense of existence. As their sense of separation from source increases, a resentment towards life itself can start to set it.

Not wanting to integrate our energy body or not being supported to do so can lead to disembodiment, which, will, in turn, lead to a rather large number of dysfunctional situations in life.

Every human being has a unique human resonance that carries a blue print of ‘information’ that is necessary for our evolution here on earth, in this lifetime.

Yes, that’s every single one of us!

Our upbringing, our education, our collective awareness has not supported us in this so far. We are taught to copy and to imitate what is held as true for as many as possible, rather than seek what is unique and authentic within each of us.

And yet, our happiness, our purpose is connected to this blueprint.

This is the awareness from which the body of work called Learning Through Transmission has developed.

Addressing children’s multidimensional needs is necessary
at home, in schools, in pools, in therapy rooms and play areas, and urgently so because they are already functioning on this level.

So far we have failed them in this.

Water is a natural environment that is allowing us to be with babies and their families from the youngest age possible. Water reveals what is already there more clearly, tangibly even.

Water’s aquatic intelligence supports the integration of our energetic bodies in the softest of ways. In water energy flows more easily and teaches us how to be and to merge without violation.

Learning Through Transmission is a 25 hour training module for educators, therapists and parents in an aquatic environment.

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