Everything is Energy.

There is no going back from here.

The more open our intellects,

the more expanded our consciousness,

the more ready our egos to recede,

the more light and what that entails,

we can integrate into our existence.

As receptors, conduits and transmitters of energy the question immediately arises: “What am I transmitting?”.

In most cases what we are consciously aware of is only the tip of a very large unconscious iceberg. The ‘work’ never ends.

The subject of Integrity has risen out of working with children and vulnerable communities of people where the need for personal integrity is particularly poignant because the rest of us are in a position of power.

This is part of a much larger body of work that is currently in progress, called Bith, Memory & Water. It is a study of how water effects growth and how the new generations demand that we shift our way of being.

As physically able adults how we use our energy, our words and our actions is relatively more potent and in a given position of ‘authority’, over a two-year-old’s.

I may be in power, for example in the way I use language, in the tone of my voice, in the gestures of my body? Do I overbear another when I’m having a bad day? Do I speak out of turn even if the other is 5 years old? Do I have a personal agenda when I claim to speak in truth?

As a transmitter of energy, as a teacher and as an adult of people who will become our future, I feel that I bear huge responsibility in what it is I am transmitting, communicating, in who I Am.

It is paramount that I am committed to a personal truth but that I also cultivate a love for fundamental goodness and that I practice love for a greater good that might even be at odds with my own personal benefit.

Integrity questions the relationship I have between my words and my actions. How I balance a truth that might often be harsh, with the softening touch of love.

Being with integrity asks of me my personal best. The soul mate we so often look for outside ourselves could, in fact, be this lifelong relationship between my Ego and my Spirit. Integrity grows out of the agony and the ecstasy out of this passionate love affair.

The push and the pull, the fall and the rising, the giving and receiving of all that I am. The truth of my soul living with the comfort-seeking of my own ego. Integrity is not easy. Often it feels harsh, it is certainly demanding and requires perseverance.

Impeccability and perfection are best left in the hands of nature for as humans we come with plenty of faults and a myriad of imperfections. We wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Integrity is a human challenge. It is about accepting where I am at rather than saying one thing and doing another. It is about being wrong and owning up to it. It is about embracing our shadow and asking forgiveness of ourselves and of others whatever their age.

“It is a state of being connected, sound, committed and undivided”. Being in integrity feels like an alignment within myself. It is the outcome of what I let slip and slide within me and how I stick to my truth.

“When we say things we don’t mean we move out of integrity”. When we can’t follow what we say, our words become empty. Non-verbal communicators seem to be particularly attuned to others’ integrity.

Who am I outside of the pool and what am I bringing to the water?

It is vulnerability perhaps that instinctively checks another for their level of integrity. What is out of alignment? In the pool will I stick to my word? Will I keep my promise? Will I respect your space? Will I act out of what is good for them or what I think is right?

This is the test, this is the practice. Undivided in who we are, even behind closed doors when no one is looking, with every single person, at any time of day. Integrity puts me in the position of ‘god the creator’.

Being in integrity has nothing to do with duty, religious doctrine or a limiting sense of self. It rises from within; it speaks of one’s relationship to themselves. It is a 24/7 spiritual practice of love in action.

Self check:

How frequent is my practice, how deep is my love, how do I own up to others and to myself, how easily do I change?

Do I ask or do I just take?

Where do I falter in speaking my truth?

Do I say things just to please others?

Do I cut corners?

Do I keep to my words?

Which part of myself do I let down most often?

Do I listen to my needs?

Do I speak out of turn?

Do I preach or do I listen?

How do children react in my presence?

Ultimately is it possible to Be without Being in Integrity?

And that’s just the start of it…..