This is the introduction to what I call birth crystals. A cosmic umbilical cord of sorts.

The crystalline pulse that helps me remember where it is I came from and what it is I came here to do.There is more I believe to evolve out of this line of thinking but is rather cognitive at this point.

It is important to retain that the language of crystals is sound.

Some people recognise these sounds as song. Translating these frequencies into cognitive words is in effect what we do when we communicate with crystals.

The fundamental quality of crystals is that the ray of frequencies they emit transgress most dimensions we are aware of.
And I say most because of the limitations of my present consciousness. There are many dimensions I am still not aware of.

An aquamarine is a light blue stone in the physical dimension. The vibrations it is able to contain, amplify, emit go beyond the physical, optical, acoustic, aesthetic dimensions. Today we relate some of these dimensions with angels, dolphins, unicorns for a lack of words that we can all relate to.

Now for the punch line, before we enter our physical bodies we exist as energy. In this pre-birth dimension crystalline vibrations are paramount for they are part of the very foundations of our cosmos. All is crystalline.

When we decide to enter a physical body most memories of that pre-birth dimension are lost. We recognise little and most seems uncomfortably dense. Apart from, that is, our friendly little crystals that have not changed from one dimension to another other than that they acquired an additional physical dimension making them prettier if nothing else.

If Plato was correct and crystalline structures upon which matter is built are 5 all in all and we add another 2 for good measure than we could make the supposition than humans also arrive in groups of as many crystalline families.

Let’s say aquamarines, diamonds, rubies, pyrite and sulphurs. This is just an intuitive guess. What qualities would each crystal soul group offer and how could this be connected to a soul group’s work?

These are but some of the questions that are arising out of my field of work and look forward to sharing these experiences with others on a similar quest.