Birthdaysolsticechristmasfullmoon holidayabundanceandgoodcheer

Ho, ho, ho, With so much energy moving through and so many special events taking place in such a compressed period of time it is hard to keep track of myself let alone who, what, when and where.
Most of the time I get to be around small smiling faces both on land and in water. Because of wanting to respect their privacy I don’t get to post photos on facebook of all the playful shenanigans I get caught up in everyday.
It is almost impossible to convey in words the heart opening joy I get to experience with people who overcome their limitations and yet remain in gratitude to life. The release of energy on such breakthrough moments makes me feel like the whole of humanity could fill with love in a single instant if we really wanted to.
I get to wear funny hats and share golden jewel clad tiaras, I get to dive under water like a dolphin with children who can’t walk on land and I get to receive gifts that speak of an earthly abundance that makes me feel like the most precious and unique individual human being that I could be.
In tune with a full moon in Cancer I counted my blessings over Christmas in front of the fireplace in the warm cosy haven I have recently been blessed to call home. Pleasure, laughter, rest from sofa to dinner table and then to bed over and over again. There is nowhere I would rather be.
I owe it to myself to confess that the quality of joy I have been experiencing over the past few weeks has been the result of hard work and a resulting sense of achievement. The feeling of joy is grounded, tangible and overflowing.
On the day of the winter solstice and birthday I got a late night phone call announcing me as the winner of a village Christmas lottery I took part in on a spur of the moment good cheer. A 10 kilo freshly slaughtered pig came into my possession that full moon night.
After years as a vegetarian I would now call me a conscious meat eater but I was still overwhelmed by this unprecedented and unsuspecting gift. It really fell out of the sky this earthly-four-legged-beast and so I meditated over and over again as to what its message could be at this auspicious time?

To live EARTHLY PLEASURE GUILT FREE, as only the one who rolls joyfully in mud could truly know, rings true time after time. Every day, as I have savored and digested this divine pork, I have sent prayers of gratitude to all the animal kingdom. I have been in tune with the animals in the forest around me, to my own faithful four legged Bob and to those animals that suffer in this lifetime in the hands of suffering humans.
I have not arrived here all on my own. The choices I have made and continue to make brought with them people by my side that make my everyday feel special. This year’s birthday and Christmas didn’t seem particularly out of the ordinary because all the other days of the year have simply become so extraordinary.
People that believe in me, encourage me and support me in following my earthly dream have reinstated my faith in life and all the goodness it has to offer. To feel truly valued, this is the biggest gift I could have been offered.
To spend each day loving and then loving some more and to be taking responsibility for all my shortcoming that lay in between is what I ask more of and to those that are with me to continue to do so, I love you and thank you.
Wherever we all are on this beautiful planet earth I wish to share my sense of love, joy and abundance with you. I wish that you too are exactly where you wish to be and that you are living life to the fullest of your capacity whatever stage of the journey.
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
With gratitude to you and to all of you my love, Sophie