What do you feel when you say the sound word “BOING”?

What sensations spring to mind?

What images, pictures or movements pop up?

For me it’s a sense of fun but also elasticity, resilience, flying and playtime.

BOING, BOING is about finding our bounce.

When we are in love we BOUNCE!

When we are feeling happy there is more bounce in our step.

When we are healthy there is more bounce in our hair.

There is more bounce in our systems when we feel good, healthy and balanced.

Emotions can bounce and so can our thoughts.

Resilience is about being able to bounce back when we fall.

It is about getting back on top of our game.

In bounce there is flow rather than stagnation.

When in water, the body mapping that appears shows where there is bounce in the system or lacking.

Reflexes, balance, coordination, our senses are all involved in a healthy bounce.

Where there is fear there is no BOUNCE.

A child that doesn’t bounce is in some way absent.

Finding our bounce back can look like a skip in the park, playing with a yo-yo rather than a tablet or bobbing with a ball in the pool.

Powerful in its simplicity, ask a young child to push a ball under water with both hands and then let it go.  It is fascinating to watch how their reflexes are put to work in holding on, releasing, having water splash in their face and their prevalent emotion at the end.

Bouncy smiles is what we are looking for here.

How comfortable are you with surprise, suddenness, change or unpredicted events.

Simply by pushing a ball under water and letting it go, can show up our levels of trust in ourselves, our balance, our presence and how easily we find our centre again.

Bouncing on two feet across the pool while holding a ball in two hands while calling out BOING, BOING, synchronizes and coordinates, focuses and concentrates on all levels, strengthens and increases body tone.

While bouncing BOING, BOING in water the higher we can go. In water it is safe and easy to bounce out of our comfort zones and be more of who we are.

Finding our bounce is part of the #waterhappy approach to LOVE WATER.

Finding our BOUNCE is about learning to live a #waterhappy life.

The Birth Journey 25.03.18