“Boom Boom

I learn to listen to my own heart beat.

Boom Boom it’s my own song

Boom Boom from the day I was born.

Boom Boom it’s my rhythm and it’s my tune

Boom Boom cause it’s the way I zoom.

Boom Boom it’s too fast or it’s too slow,

Boom Boom that’s how I know if it’s a yes or if it’s a no.

Boom Boom it’s where I begin

Boom Boom and it’s where I end.

Boom Boom Chika Boom goes my heart beat.

Boom Boom Boom Boom”

In water the sound of our beating heart becomes amplified.

By learning to listen to our own heartbeat,

We have a better understanding of where we begin and where we end.

I can start to differentiate between mama and me.

By learning to listen to our heart we can recognise when it is happy and when it is sad.

We can learn to slow it down, to pick up the beat.

Learning to listen to our own heartbeat helps us recognise, respect and trust our own rhythm and beat in life.

Learning to live a #waterhappy life from the inside out.