Years of therapy turned into years of soul searching which turned into years of seminars and workshops.

These turned into hours of dedicated service, weeks in silent meditation and endless hours of reading and research.

I was still chased by a feeling of needing to become more than I already was, to urgently heal parts of me that I could not see and give more than I at times physically could.

Despite intense feelings of love, breakthrough and fascination I began to question whether all of the above made me feel happy.

Yes I had moments of happiness but I began to feel exhausted rather than refreshed and depleted rather than rejuvenated.

Finally I began to feel the need to just be and to feel that surely I am good enough just the way I am.

A woman I had greatly admired for over a decade surprisingly turned up on Corfu Island.

I waited for a whole four months for her arrival giving in on my idea of simply resting for a while and trusting my own experience and wisdom in healing and in play.

The day arrived and off I went in question of whether this would make me be happy.

And in the middle of her beautiful sacred dance she said “you don’t need to do anything to be happy!”

The next day I didn’t go back…..