Crystals emanate high vibration energies that are very familiar to small children. Kids appear to intuitively know what they are and what to do with them.

My experience working with crystals and children has shown me that high vibrations are necessary for their balanced well being.

Crystalline vibrations are constant in all dimensions. An amethyst, for example, has the same resonance in the physical dimension as well as in other pre-birth realities.

“Crystals are an infinite source of creative learning”

Children find it very soothing and reassuring to encounter energies they are familiar with, prior to birth.

By using crystals prior to conception, during pregnancy and after birth, children are more likely to feel at ‘home’.

I currently believe that each individual carries a signature resonance that can be tuned into through the use of crystals. Crystals can assist us in remembering our individual gifts and infinite potential and to remain connected to all that is.

Today I am blessed to be able to use stones, crystals and minerals as teaching aids in a kindergarten as well as in open learning classes for young children.

It is through sharing crystals with infants and young children that I found my strongest teachers yet.

Photo taken during class at Iliaxtida preschool in Corfu.