Coming out is a phrase most often used today in the context of one’s sexuality.

The process of coming out of one’s shell, of ‘exposing’ an aspect of one’s self for the first time, can be just as much a soul searching and formative process as letting the world know you are gay, straight or transsexual.

Claiming who you are and having the confidence, maturity and integrity of taking a stand in your own shoes, ‘naked’ for all to see, is often considered an act of rebellion.

And yet like a shooting star we ‘fall’ onto this earth. We choose two souls (parents) through which we shall be born in order to ‘carry out’ a certain life plan.

We are born full of potential, genetic codes that are opportunities for growth and understanding, gifts and skills that are unique to our personal life path.

What pre-exists as light, travels at the speed of light and enters the physical realm where you or I begin the journey of unfolding in a much denser 3D reality.

In the best case scenario we shall have an encouraging and loving childhood which will support us in discovering who we, rather than who our parents want us to be, and they will in turn support us in doing so.

Hopefully we will have the intelligence and insight to see through the labels the ‘box’ has placed on us and then we will have the courage to break through these in the name of love, in the name of a truth that is higher than the ego’s need to survive.

We are the one and only creature alive on earth that has the freedom of conscious choice. More often than not we are unaware of the magnitude of the power of free choice that we have.  It is not encouraged, cultivated or taught.

Because exercising this power will eventually lead us away from the herd and closer to our own personal truth we often fail to follow our own choices preferring the safer option of following in the shadow of another.

Coming out requires taking a stand. It requires knowing one’s truth and then taking responsibility for where that takes you.

Coming out with who you are requires taking risks, not fearing failure and coming to terms with most of your fears.

I can already hear the breaks stalling! Why bother? What’s worth so much effort?

Indeed there is a healthy part to hiding. It could be called maturing, ripening or protecting.

Coming out too soon could hinder the process or even discourage you from doing so any further.

The world is full of shining stars which hurt by heartless words put out their light for good.

But the new generation is showing us that silence is no longer an option. Any residue anger is being channelled creatively, decisively and transformatively . With less karmic debt in tow the new generations are speaking fearlessly because it is from the heart. There is no longer any doubt, compromising who you are simply is no longer an option.

The time has come for uniqueness to be celebrated, admired and eagerly sought out. Difference is beautiful only if it is embraced. Separation is overcome only if we discover our unique individuality for there will no longer be anything to fear.

I cannot lose myself once I have found myself and in this comes peace.

Coming out fills the world with much needed light, it is about fulfilling the promise we made to our true selves before we were born and to allow ‘the plan’ to take its course.

To come out is to express our fullest potential, to be more of who we truly are and to experience the liberating state of freedom that follows in its trail.

Coming out with who you are, is to really be free.