Corfu Island

THE ENERGIES OF CORFU: A guide for visitors


As you look at the satellite image of Corfu island the clearer she becomes. Can you see her? Her slender legs, her well-formed knees, her mermaid’s tail? Can you see her rounded breast, her human face and flowing hair? A beautiful mermaid like being rising out of the waters of the Ionian Sea!

The island of Corfu is known the world over for its beauty. Even the shape of the island itself is open to interpretations of divine imagery. Many myths tell the story of Corfu, and many have recognized its strategic importance and others its potent beauty. It is renowned as the only earthly place where the Gods came down to make merry!

Corfu is said to be the mythical Scheria where Homer’s Ulysses finds himself ‘naked’ following many metaphorical tribulations with his Self.

It is in the mythical palace of King Alkinoos on Corfu that Homer’s famous epic unravels. It is on thisisland that Ulysses recounts his journey’s tale and pours out his heart’s trials and tribulations. It is on Corfu that he is soothed, cleansed and healed back to life. It is here Ulysses remembers who he is andthe people of the island themselves that carry him ‘Home’ to Ithaca.It these patterns of healing and transformation that are imprinted here.

The island of Corfu has been a place of healing and transformation, in history as well as in myth. In 1860, Elisabeth (Sissy) of Bavaria, Empress of Austria,travelled to Corfu from Vienna after contracting what was then described as a lung disease.By all accounts, she found Corfu to be a sanctuary and place of healing and recovery. On the death of her son she commissioned the building of a palace on Corfu which she named the Achilleion, after Homer’s hero, Achilles, in The Iliad.

Throughout history many people have returned time and time again to Corfu, a place that resonates with their inner being through a feeling of coming home. Perhaps you have already heard the call and find yourself in this sacred place?

Honouring the energies of Corfu.

Corfu’s energy is magnetic and deeply transformative. At times it can be confronting and at times soothing and healing. The geology of the land itself, with its high frequency calcite crystals and purifying green clay contributes to the healing process.

More than two million olive trees, fifteen hundred types of wild flower, a unique cedar forest, thousands of cypress trees, sparkling blue green waters, dolphins and even whales enrich this island with strong and colourful energies.

The most known lay line on the earth’s energy grid, the Michael- Apollo Axis, weaving across Europe from Skellig Michael in Ireland to Mt Carmel in Israel, also embraces the island of Corfu. This makes the island an important portal forthe energies ofthe Divine Union within.

Today the island hosts many international healing centres and is home to a growing number of exceptional healers and Lightworkers from around the world.They congregate here in response to Corfu’s potent energies.

There are many simple ways of making the most of your journey here. Why not breathe in the energized air, take long walks on one of many stunning beaches, witness the sun rise or sunset in meditation or simply relax and take the opportunity to reflect on what is taking place within? You may wish to visit some sacred sites and high energy points or try one of the many types of healing treatments, workshops and courses available on the island throughout the year.

Seeing the island with new eyes, recognizing its beauty, feeling its energies, sharing the knowledge, listening to its song, taking care by keeping the island clean, treading lightly nearlocal plants and animals are some of the ways to honour Corfu during your stay. In doing so you co-create reality here.

How Corfu’s energies may affect you.

You might be aware that in a sacred place energies are magnified, so that harsh words, actions or thoughts will be amplified. In the same way a bright and positive attitude will be amplified too, so be conscious of what you choose to experience on Corfu.

It is not unusual for visitors to experience a spontaneous spiritual or emotional awakening. This is nothing to be afraid of. Rather it is a beautiful opportunity for your Self to open and be free, to let go of what is no longer serving you. This might feel intense or unnerving at firstif you don’t understand why you are feeling the way you are. This could be a catalyst for positive change if you acknowledge it, nurture yourself and understand what is happening.

You may find yourself feeling vague or ‘spaced out’, you might be having intense dreams or you could be unable to fall asleep due to all of the spontaneous realizations you are experiencing. You might realize that something deep is missing in your life and this in itself can be moving and life-changing.

A good way to handle new or intense experiences is to try yoga or meditation or simply sit under a tree to ground yourself. Salt water is wonderfully cleansing to your emotions and energy body so soak yourself in Corfu’s crystalline waters as often as you can. Allow yourself to bathe in the light and as you watch the colors change listen to the answers that come to your inner questions. Enjoy a massage, an energy healing or ask for advice from one of the many spiritual seekers living here. It’s OK to ask for help if you need it.

If you find yourself walking amongst joyful people that make eye contact, smile at them and they will smile back. Moments of strong synchronicity will add deep personal value to your experience here. The energies of the land itself will support this process if you allow it to be so, we suggest you allow yourself to experience it with joy.

Your presence here does make a difference to the reality we wish to create. We thank you deeply for visiting Corfu and we wish you a safe and pleasant journey within.