The island of Corfu Greece is the shape of a mermaid-like-being rising out of the waters of the Ionian Sea.

As you look at the satellite image of her the clearer she becomes. Can you see her?

Seeing the mermaid Corcyra requires a shift in the way that you ‘see’. Once you see her you will never be able to go back to seeing Corfu island any other way!

She has already become The Mermaid Island for many children and adults since we first laid eyes on her some 15 years ago.

At Mermaids Corfu we ask that you are able to see ‘her’ before you proceed with becoming a mermaid or merman on #themermaidisland.

One of our missions at Mermaids Corfu is to educate mermaids and mermen about The Mermaid Island’s history, mythology and energy, in a way that inspires and cultivates love and respect for her.

Mermaids Corfu is the first and the only professional mermaid instructor school in Greece to date.

Our priority has been to set professional Health and Safety standards as well as standards of Excellence in the services we provide to visitors from around the world.

Our Mermaid Experiences are much more than you bargained for!