The Power of Water to Heal

Corfu Island is surrounded by exquisite Ionian Blue waters that are simply divine for any water loving person.

Ionian waters are not simply clean, crystal clear and safe, they sparkle golden in the sunlight and their colour conjures up images of mythical dimensions.

With some 217km of coastline it is no wonder people fall in love with Corfu and her mesmerising beaches.












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With the shape of a mermaid itself, Corfu Island is the quintessential water healing destination.

Healing in water can simply take place just by looking at the sea. If you are staying in Arillas, you will have experienced how the sea mesmerises your senses and has you staring into infinity for much longer than usual.

Simply soaking in natural salt water cleanses your mind, body and soul. Being able to swim or float isn’t even necessary when healing in water.

The older residents of Corfu swear by the sea’s healing ability to soften the pain of arthritis and rheumatism, to regulate circulation of any kind and to encourage a positive state of mind.


Photo by Kostas Tsirigakis

“The more you let go the more you float.”

Floating does not come naturally and the main reason for this is that the slightest fear can inhibit one’s breathing. Breathing is an essential part of the process that adds to one’s buoyancy or not.

Floating, therefore, is the result of being able to relax and let go. This simple act can easily become a profound healing and meditative process where trust and self confidence come into play too.

“Water remembers, water loves, water heals”

The extraordinary power of water to remember was scientifically explained by the groundbreaking work of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

Emoto believed that water was a “blueprint for our reality and that emotional “energies” and “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water”.

Can we even begin to imagine the healing potential of water if this is the case?


In the 1980’s two forms of aquatic body work surfaced from a holistic view of the human body.

WATSU ® is an aquatic form of Shiatsu, created by Harold Dull near the small town of Middletown in northern California.

Harbin Hot Springs, which are currently rising out of the ashes of a disastrous fire last year, is the Mecca of aquatic healing arts in the world.

WATA®, which is an abbreviation of the German WasserTanzen  (Water Dance), was simultaneously developed in Switzerland by Arjana Claudia Brunschwiler and Aman Schroter in the 1980s.

“Love like Water” – Harold Dull

The lack of gravity in water allows for a range and speed of physical movement that simply cannot be experienced on dry land.

The sense of freedom and heart opening that this creates, releases powerful emotions.

In water we feel a profound connection with an all-embracing love that can dissolve all pain and fear in our bodies.

A range of much deeper personal and collective memories can be surfaced in water too, including those of our existence as aquatic beings.

“An underwater three-dimensional journey where time and space lose their meaning” – Waterdance

There are a number of exceptional water practitioners in Corfu that come and go with the tides. Many forms of aquatic therapy exist, many of which are as unique as the people practicing them.


We strongly recommend you experience the healing power of water in its many forms when in Corfu.

Simply allowing the Ionian sparkle to seep into your body’s crystalline structures can be a profound initiation into the ancient mythical dimensions of Atlantis and beyond.

We wish you water!