I have spent the best part of my life so far studying the healing properties and consciousness expanding qualities of crystals and minerals.

I was introduced to gems and crystals by my father around the age of six and started using them consciously in my late teenage years as I awakened to other energy healing forms.

It is by spending time and integrating the vibrations and information contained therein of as many crystal and mineral specimens as possible that I arrived at the peak of my journey as a crystal healer.

As my teachers I honor in gratitude Australian aboriginal stone master Gerry Bostock and Swiss precision crystal healer Delphina Graff.

During my travels I collected a desirable amount of crystal and mineral specimens from around the world each with a unique story to tell. It is by letting them go again that I learnt what comes around goes around and that both are equally strong and valuable parts of my life’s cycle.

I have shared my experiences with crystals through workshops and seminars in many countries. I have worked with Gaia and her energies as sacred space, with the laying on of stones when required and through inquiring meditation in private sessions.

Today I am blessed to be able to use stones, crystals and minerals as teaching aids in a private kindergarten school, as well as in open learning classes for young children.

It is through sharing crystals with infants and young children that I found my strongest teachers yet.