Crystal children are able to process high frequencies which explains their natural inclination to work and understand crystals. In fact, having crystals in their immediate environment helps them feel at ‘home’.

Due to their crystalline nature, however, these children also reflect what they ‘catch’ around them. The feelings and behaviour they are showing are likely to be reflections of people in their environment. This automatically requires that care takers are able to take responsibility for themselves and their energies first and foremost.

Amethyst is a classic stone for protection and the waving off of energies that create nightmares both in children and adults alike. The following, however, is a list of stones that is particularly effective in working with young people especially the crystal kind.

Angel Skin Coral

The energy given off by this beautiful natural wonder from the sea is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It fills you with the gentlest touch of talcum powder that leaves a child feeling like the child they are meant to be. Centred, aligned and perfectly comfortable with where he is. Use particularly in the absence of a female caretaker due to work load demands or otherwise. Angel Skin Coral could be called a surrogate mother.


Calcite is a very common crystal around the world and comes in many vibrant colours.It is also relatively cheap to purchase. In addition to their colourful nature, ideal for play rooms and nurseries, they assist in the assimilation of calcium and make for strong and healthy bone structures in growing humans. They are prime material for healing broken bones even though crystal children are not naturally prone to accidents.


As the name itself suggests the energies of this tranquilly powerful crystal are celestial. The crucial point to remember about its many qualities is that it emits a frequency that can be recognised by a newly born or very young children. This means that they can easily recognise Celestite’s vibration coming from their pre-birth experience and that allows them to feel safe in their current physical reality. Celestite is especially beneficial for children that had a difficult birth or for children that appear not to be able to integrate the world around them for no obvious reasons.


Lepidolite is a little bit more specialised a stone to find in your average crystal store but well worth its resonance if you do. It is a fragile crystal with a gentle soothing violet colour. It is ideal for calming emotional tensions caused by over exposure to toxic energies and helps children fall asleep easier. You can either place it on a child’s forehead for a few minutes or brush it through her entire energy field like a fan. This will remove any unwanted excess energies.


Pearls emit an energy of purity that is ideal for the initial sensitive moments of breast feeding. It helps strengthen the emotional bond of love between mother and child that creates a peaceful environment for both to share. There is a cosmic value to pearl that elevates nurture, beauty and unconditional love. You might want to wear a pearl around your neck whilst breastfeeding or drink water with a pearl in it. In this last instance use a natural sample with no human made hole in it.

Rainbow Crystals

Children are naturally inclined to be in joy and feel happy. If they appear to have lost touch with their feeling of joy rainbows are required. Lots of them and quickly I’d say. Clear Calcite and Quartz are crystals with the most frequent display of rainbows. Rainbows reflect all colors of Light and connect us to vibrations of playful fun and enjoyment.

Blue Lace Agate

When communication is slow to develop use this gentle crystal to ease what needs to be expressed out. It resonates with a patient loving acceptance and diffuses the energy of anger and frustration in the body physical.