Crystals talk. More specifically they sound.

For example.

I’ve been packing for a long awaited for healing journey.

It’s the longest I’ve ever waited for anything.

Four years in fact.

I’m not known as one to wait.

Fast and to the point is more me, often skipping out on the details with an ‘it was not meant to be’.

I first heard of David Sawyer’s prenatal and birth journey work in water in 2013.

Exploring memory imprints underwater. Just my kind of thing!

I waited a full year until availability came up on one of his courses.

Then I had to wait for a full year for the course to take place.

On the eve of that workshop, my ear decides to ‘express’ itself in the way of a 40C fever.

For two years since I’ve tucked away the finances for it and waited.

And waited.

Unheard of really in my books.

So now I’m packing again. What to take?

“Who wants to come with?” I ask the stones tucked away.

I kind of intend that thought rather than speak it out loud.

The answer comes back crystal clear.

It’s more like the image of that one particular stone appears vividly in my mind’s eye.

There is absolutely no doubt about it.

It’s not a logical process, I know.

But one that I’ve trained long and hard for and that I have come to trust unequivocally.

As I look at the fossilized ammonite and tune into the aquatic creature it once was, an embryonic smile crosses my face.

“It provides for insight to the basis from which to start and allows one to retain the ‘whole picture’ from conception to use” writes Melody from Love is in the Earth. “It can alleviate the burdens of the birthing process” ha, ha ha.

No say! Spot on, yet again….

Yes crystals do ‘talk’ to those willing to listen to their song.

No different to animals, plants, children, lovers, friends.

Wooohooo The Prenatal Journey here I come feeling scared, vulnerable, resisting but a big YES with all my being.

Promisses to be paleolythic!