History says that Christopher Columbus discovered America.

In much the same way we have been exploring the seas of an invisible dimension in search of the shores of a New World.

We have faced the same drawbacks and uncertainties, the same judgements and incredulities by laughing mobs and ruling kingdoms.

It has taken the same curiosity, determination, passion, sheer stubbornness and faith lead only by the invisible calling of our heart as those that dared to follow its subtle voice before us.

We have used the same energetic reserves it took to cross real oceans.  We have needed the same stamina, endurance, physical, emotional and spiritual prowess to arrive at our destination.

We have met others on the way that too believed in this invisible world, that were equally brave to make the leap of faith into the unknown. Those were the ones that could face the aloneness of their predicament, that sacrificed everything with only the possibility of gaining everything and the risk of gaining nothing at all.

The shores are now upon us. We are witnessing the unveiling of its physical form. Solid ground beneath our feet is finally here. The impulse to rejoice is hampered only by the awesomeness of what we are seeing before us.

History shall say that humans discovered a New World around the turn of the 21st century. This land is not about keeps. It is not about mine or yours. There are no wars to be had here no peoples to be conquested for there is no material matter to be gained.

There are only truths to be held on to and loves to be shared. There are ways of the heart to be brought forth so that we may build anew what no longer stands behind us. There is no looking back for what we have accomplished calls only for this moment and the brilliance of what lies ahead.

May we work together to give it its physical form in healing, in education, in community, in care of our beautiful planet earth. There is so much to be done. I look forward to a passionately creative New Year!