2016 felt like a huge cogwheel connected to many other circles, that brought openings and closures across large periods of time and of lifetimes.

I sat with people I hadn’t seen in 25 years, with which I had cried until I finally laughed. I found closure in things I had long given up on or hadn’t even realized that they were still there.

Long standing patterns of behavior were either let go of or were finally justified and paid off. The bigger picture immerged on many an occasion.

I bid farewell to loved ones, only to find that they had been laid to rest just meters away from each other. I am now ready to go beyond what the ancestry dictated.

Our commitment and dedication has accelerated us past what we saw feasible in this lifetime, for even death itself is becoming conscious.

I witnessed changes that I had never thought possible in myself, in others, in the world. I experienced support and manifestations I had previously only wished for. Miracles are on the rise and are becoming part of a new language spoken by more and more people than I ever thought would.


Receiving this photo of my mum being blessed on the last day of 2016, brought me tears of joy.

I felt the Light grounding deeper than ever before and I felt the co-creation of realities that are viable and sustainable in all dimensions. A merging in other words of realities, that can all hold the Light without rejecting one another.

I crossed paths with souls I hadn’t seen in centuries and felt like family coming together once again. I met teachers that touched my heart forever but also had to accept what felt true and real one moment might not feel so the next.

Volcanic waters liquified my dreamings, the dolphins came, the whales too. Uluru crowned my grounding with an empowering totality that convinced me that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Feeling loved, trusted and accepted by so many children has been a blessing I wish on everyone. To live, play and love by their energy of truth, purity, unconditional acceptance, profound wisdom and mindboggling perceptiveness has me bowing at the end of every day.

To be a witness of what is being birthed through children and with children heralds a dawn I am so excited to be a part of and a godmother to too. The way of the heart is BIRTHING CONSCIOUS HUMANS.

I have sensed the beginning of a new paradigm in togetherness, in intimacy, in romance, in desire. Words can only just be whispered between ears and hearts that are open to receive. I AM IN!

The fire of DESIRE has risen from the ashes by a womanhood that has taken responsibility for her shadow. This life source energy is NOW ready to be used fearlessly towards OUR new creation.


I have also learnt:

  • Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Work with what I have already created rather than always opening new doors.
  • Allow for time, space and breathing for what has been sewed. The sprouts are unmistakably visible.
  • Some things will not change.
  • To give more, love more, share more I must rest.
  • Commitment pays off.

Towards the end of 2016, I also got a sniff of our long awaited for realities being right under our noses. All that remains is to get over the surprising disbelief of it or any other limiting thoughts, no matter how positive, and get cracking!


Today I have emptied my bowl and feel ready to receive and to create a great new year TOGETHER.

I feel more ALIVE than ever and happy for it too.

On this last day of the year only gratitude remains. I give thanks for every single drop of water that came my way.