Divine Homesickness

“Dear one, when you are born your cells will still resonate with a sense of oneness. Your heart will beat with remembrance of the unconditional love experienced by your ‘soul’.

You’ve just arrived from a state of undivided consciousness.

Becoming embodied little one, means that you will now have to tend with a conditioned love, limited by our human capacity to do so, for this is why we’ve come: to remember, to learn, to practice how to love.

Separation cannot be avoided as we remember how to love again.

An existential pain sometimes arises; you might even feel the pain of rejection as the sense of separation increases. You most likely will not be loved the ways you would like and your family will likely be less than perfect.

Your cells will contract, your heart will shift gear, you too will start to close down.

The pain of loss might be experienced in many ways through life. Abandoned by a loved one, a lover that chose another, a baby that didn’t make it, the death of a friend. A common emotional thread lies beneath them all.

You now believe “I am alone, I am separate”!

Divine homesickness is a recognized emotional state. It can be met with ecstasy as well as a deep sense of longing. Water remembers as it makes our embodied memories more accessible. We can run and we can hide if we prefer to live with a sense of compromised truth. Alternatively we can journey through the grief to the other side….not an easy one but makes for a life worth living.

A life in which I remember how to love more.”

Extract from Birth, Memory and Water written by Sophia Michalopoulou