“Energy flows where our attention goes.”

This was one of the first lessons I learnt about managing my own energy.

And so it has become one of the foundation principles of Learning Through Transmission.

I believe it has also become a more widely accepted part of the way we function in reality.

This is one of the characteristics of the Now Age that until recently existed in the realms of our shared consciousness behind the scenes in spiritual workshops and retreats.

Today more and more disciplines including science are accepting it as the new norm.

It is being introduced in schools, hospitals and even the stockmarket.

We are changing. The world is changing.

It is now part of our evolutionary human path.

The more we consciously use this law of physics the more our life aligns with what we want.

A form of prayer for some, a visual meditation for others, a practical solution why don’t you?

Try it!

Literally. Close your eyes and think of your big toe. In a minute or so it will start to tingle and feel warmer than the rest of your body.

Just because you focused your attention on it, your energy did too.

What we pay attention to the most is what we create in and outside of ourselves.

Is it money, happiness, worry, a holiday?

Do you focus on the positive side of things or the negative outcomes of what could be?

What is the voice in your head saying about yourself?

What do you focus on seeing in others?

As parents, carers and educators we are responsible for what we pass on as true and positive to the next generation.

But to fully embrace the fact that #energyflowswhereattentiongoes is a discipline in one’s self first and foremost.

In Learning Through Transmission we learn how water amplifies energy and how we are able to work with it.

I see the 5 module training for Learning Through Transmission as Training for Life.

If you would like to find out more, please let me know and I’ll send you over the next class dates and locations.

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Thank you water!