It is not always easy being a mermaid. Not for the reasons you might imagine.

All sorts of bad tasting jokes get told of our kind. They usually revolve around matters of love and sex, like why are mermaids the most useless fish? Little do they know!

Thankfully, contrary to human folktales, we mermaids have a forgiving nature.

We are intelligent, hardworking, fun loving creatures. We have one indulgence, however, that has far and wide repercussions for all involved. We day dream. And when we day dream our dreams come alive. Fins, tails, legs  and all.

We are fishy manifestors of realities beyond your wildest dreams. Due to an innocent lack of imagination, however, the requests we hear these days do tend to get kind of repetitive. Like can you find me the right man? Can you make me more beautiful? Can you give me an amazing voice and so forth when it could all be so much more intricate and rewarding.

Every time man or woman drops tears of sadness or of joy, or any other emotion for that matter, in the sea the message is received, processed and acted upon almost immediately. I say ‘almost’ because despite our magical ways we have a strict ethical code of conduct in these matters to make sure no one gets in harm’s way.

This is why life is not always easy as a mermaid. It’s not only about lounging on rocks, taking seaweed baths, and painting coral our tails. Universally, objectively and unanimously decreed our service carries great responsibility. And as such we delight in taking great care of ourselves to ensure we are always energized to the max.

This is the tale that every generation of Merpeople gets told so that the power of love to forgive and to heal, to unite and to create together as one, never gets forgotten. Every year across the seas we celebrate in joyful communion the events that took place in the years leading up to 2012 that ensured a happy end for all involved in the Age of Aquarius.

We congregate to give thanks to the human species as a whole and to the courageous people of what has come to be known as the Mermaid Island. We offer our gratitude because they were not afraid to listen. To listen to their Hearts for what was really true.”

Extract from TALES OF A MERMAID ISLAND, 2013