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My name is Sophia and water is my happy place.

I will be hosting four days of fun and pleasure on the mermaid shaped island of Corfu, Greece from Wednesday 24th June to Saturday 27th June. Would you like to join me?

On our daily list of priorities FUN & PLEASURE often gets left out, so this week we’re going to be putting both on the top of our lists both in and out of water.

Water awakens a sense of pleasure that perhaps has been long forgotten. It is the pleasure of allowing life to flow through us without resistance, without trying to hold onto it or shape it in a certain way.

Water cleanses us, water releases what has been weighing us down and water awakens the life in us. Water helps us unfold from the inside out allowing us to express new versions of ourselves. Water offers us a sense of freedom as we return to a more natural way of living.

The crystal clear waters of Corfu Island are some of the safest and gentlest waters in the world. It is always a pleasure to introduce my loved ones to them.

For myself, these days will be about enjoying the pleasures of home together with you!

My way of seeing Corfu as a mermaid shaped island has offered me, as well as many friends and family, magical awakening adventures so far.

This is my birthplace, the evergreen landscape and crystal clear Ionian blue waters of my childhood. This is the seat of my soul on this beautiful planet of ours.

You can read more about the energies of Corfu here www. waterhappy.net/corfu-island-guide-energy/

The greatest pleasures in life are free. Sunshine, fresh air, clean waters and lots of loving and there will be plenty of it all.

Joining me on this Mermaid Island Holiday for 450£ per person will entitle you to take part in all our daily circles and planned activities.

You will be introduced to the world of mermaiding safely using professional equipment. Mermaids Corfu is the first certified mermaid school in Greece introducing professional health and safety standards set by Mermaids UK.

Our programme will start at 10:00 in the morning on Wednesday 24th June and will finish at 18:00 in the afternoon on Saturday the 27th June.

There will be a morning INTENTION CIRCLE and an evening SHARING CIRCLE with a planned group WATER ACTIVITY during the day.

There will also be an organised option of sharing an EVENING MEAL together daily the cost of which is not included as this will vary depending on the many yummy options available to us.

Additional activities such yoga, song and dance, will be available to us on donation or at an additional charge depending on the organiser.

I will be able to provide some personal 1 to 1 sessions in water during the week and there will be a list of other exceptional pleasure providers too.

** The price of 450£ does not include food, accommodation or transport

With so many options available to us the structure of our time together will be fairly fluid allowing time to unfold in response to our needs.

A suggested programme will be shared before we meet so that you have an idea of what to expect but experiencing pleasure needs to allow space for the magical and the unexpected as well.

* There will be intimate moments of setting daily intentions and sharing our common stories in a circle in nature, at sunrise, under the stars, with music or simply the sounds of waves gently stroking the shore.
* There will be a daily group activity in water exploring the pleasures of the Ionian Sea. If you are not comfortable in water but would like to be, we can work on this in an individual session.
* There will be lots of relaxing and letting go, splashing and playing in water, singing and swaying to the waves of pleasure that will unfold through our being together.
* There will be time for sharing and time for being alone but we will always be coming together for the pleasures of eating real food and drinking in the juicy abundance of this sacred island.
* There will be plenty of support to address individual needs that arise physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are many exceptional healers and therapists in the community of Arillas as well as events and workshops for you to explore.

From experience I would encourage everyone to do less rather than more in order to allow one’s self to dive deeply into the pleasures of water.
There will be plenty of updates, inspirations and ideas on this facebook page in the meantime.

The beauty of Arillas’ community is that there are many options available from a 5 star villa to the infinite stars of outdoor camping.
My friends at Green Corfu will be able to organise any accommodation and transport needs especially if you book early through www.greencorfu.com

I highly recommend checking out Mandala Bed and Breakfast in the nearby village of Magoulades which is run by Merman Ben and the very talented yoga, singer, life coach Sacha mama www.mandalayogabnb.com

Katikia Music Farm is the magical creation of Ariana and Igor. Their music and dance will be hosting us on at least a couple of occasions but there is also the possibility of shared accommodation on their beautifully hand and heart created permaculture farm. You’ll want to stay here forever! Check it out at www.feelingsound.com

If you would like a more natural experience glamping under the stars you may contact my beloved naturopath Colleen Grassnick and her inspiring Grass Roots project www.facebook.com/CorfuNaturopathy/

Getting to Corfu is fairly straightforward from anywhere in Europe.
From the UK www.ryanair.com or www.easyjet.com are independent providers. British Airways fly to Corfu too and so does JET STAR and TUI UK.

Ryan Air flies to Corfu from Germany, Belgium and Poland as well.
The more you book in advance the cheaper flights are generally.
Getting to Arillas can be done through public transport though it might not be as pleasurable as sharing a ride.

Also check Arillas Community pages on facebook as there’s always people looking to share a private taxi ride which is about 50Euro one way.

You can also check in on our event’s facebook page with your day and time of arrival and departure to see if anyone else from our group wishes to share a ride or even accommodation.

Agape Zoe Festival starts on the 28th of June so you might wish to combine your stay http://agapezoe.com/en/corfu-summerfestival-2/

Please email us at mermaidscorfu@gmail.com to express your interest and I will send you a booking form in return.

I am already looking forward to having fun with you!