Where?Corfu Island

Are you pulled by the rapture of the deep or are you literally petrified at the thought of swimming in deep dark waters?

Fear is fear whatever shape or form it manifests in. Allowing oneself to safely explore the depths of it, is an opportunity to tranform darkness into light.

This is an opportunity to set ourselves free.

INTO THE DEEP is an aquatic experience that unfolds on land and in water.


First we create a ‘safe’ physical, emotional and spirtual space on land, before heading out into actual deep sea waters by boat for a swim and a float.

This workshop is for those that feel ready to face some deep seeded fears rather than keen deep sea divers.

There is no point in pushing or forcing ourselves, for this kind of energy will only produce even more fear.

This is about the gentle encouragement and belief in oneself in overcoming self imposed limitations.

Everyone is free to unfold at their own pace.

The task at hand is simply to observe, allow and forgive ourselves some more.

To break through our fear into love and joy is a spiritual journey in itself.


INTO THE DEEP can run at any time, as long as there is a minimum of four participants.

Approximate duration is from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00.

The waters in Arillas, Corfu are friendly and crystal clear. It is the ideal location to hold space for this kind of work.

Sophia is an aquatic therapist and educator that works with adults and children in Corfu and abroad. These are the waters she grew up in.

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