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Aquatic Workshop for Parents & Educators Transmitting in Water
4th March 2018 8.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. Warmia Park Pluski

This aquatic workshop is about the ways we learn through the energy humans transmit. This is the language children and non-verbal communicators naturally use.

This workshop is for PARENTS who wish to dive deeper into their role in supporting independent, conscious and grounded human beings.

It is also aimed at EDUCATORS and AQUATIC PROFESSIONALS who want to become more conscious in their role as ‘transmitters’ and more effective in their way if working.

Ultimately it is for those who actively seek new conscious communication avenues that speak from the heart.
The 3 hour workshop will be on land and in water and is considered an introduction to a training modality called “Learning Through Transmission”.

Participants don’t need to have any previous aquatic experience.


Date: 4th March 2018 8:30 – 11:30
Place: Warmia Park Pluski near Olsztyn www.warmiapark.pl
Places available : 12
Price: 100 PLN + 100 EUR (100 PLN is required to reserve a space,
100EUR by cash in the workshop )
Aquatic Therapy Sessions: 28 February, 1-2 March, session 1,5 h
price 60EUR+pool entry 40PLN

The workshop will be in English with Polish translation. Individual sessions can also be translated if needed. Information and registration: Malgosia Januszczyk-Siemieniuk malgorzata.siemieniuk@o2.pl phone: +48 505 182 184 www.intuicjaserca.pl


SOPHIA MICHALOPOULOU is based in Corfu, Greece and works internationally as an Aquatic Therapist and Educator. You can read more about her work at www.sophiamichalopoulou.com
Sophia will be offering individual sessions before and after the workshop, if you feel this would suit you better or something arises during the workshop, you would like to dive deeper into.