This is a deep relaxation warm water experience that feels like you ‘LIQUIFY’.

It is available in Corfu, Greece from May through to October.

Sessions are also available in private pools heated at 34C and other international locations as they arise.

When you LIQUIFY  in water that is above 33C , the experience is deeply relaxing and soothing on many levels.

Initially a person is floated on the water’s surface where gentle movement is introduced, following the natural flow of the water and the body’s individual way of releasing tension.

As a session progresses the receiver might be taken under water if this is indicated to be right for them. Further healing can take place as the breath is engaged more deeply.

To LIQUIFY in a natural body of water like the sea, can be wild and liberating despite the lower temperatures. In such cases, the water behaves as a catalyst for creative movement that does not comply to set sequences.

Aquatic bodywork modalities like WATSU®, WATA® and Healing Dance® inform my personal way of holding space in water. Currently I am a student of Shantam’s Fluid Presence® way of being in water.