“We are the Sound and the Instrument.
We are the Energy and the Container of it.”
Feeling Sound and Water Happy are combining our passions and fields of expertise
to explore the impact of sound in our multi-dimensional systems while playing in and out of water.
In water, sound travels faster and becomes more tangible as a wave we can touch rather than just hear.
Sound and Water invite us to deepen our awareness of ourselves from the inside out.
Some of our main themes:
Overtone singing: use of vowels to create vocal harmonics.
Bubble Talk: adding water to our sounds
Improvisation: how to trust what comes out naturally.
Sounds are Us: becoming the sound waves.
Toning, One Note, One World: focus on one note at a time.
Listen like Water: deeper listening through harmonics.
Sound massage: application of sound frequencies on the body.
Fluid Movement: Free your body, free your voice.
Breath, movement and relaxation.
The Healing Voice: expressing our emotions.
This is a four-day retreat with overtone specialist Igor Ezendam, natural health advocate Arianna Artioli, and aquatic perinatal therapist Sophia Michalopoulou.
Morning and evening group sessions, with plenty of time to discover beaches, lie in a hammock, get a massage, or a warm water healing session…
The retreat is held in English, Greek and Italian.
WHEN recommended arrival date Tuesday 31 August.
Retreat from Wednesday 1st September to Saturday 4th September.
Departure Sunday, September 5th (or later, if you fancy doing an individual session, enjoying the island, or a boat trip)
WHERE Arillas, Corfu, Greece
For information and bookings please wave to