The first annual WATER CONSCIOUS GATHERING will take place on October 1st & 2nd 2021 in Arillas, Corfu GREECE which will be held at the Corfu Buddha Hall for which we are calling upon our global water family connections to find local solutions.

WATER CONSCIOUS is a heart call to action for the wellbeing of water by aquatic educator and therapist Sophia Michalopoulou, on the island of Corfu, Greece. By raising our conscious awareness of water we become aware of the value of water in raising our conscious awareness of ourselves.

This call is being supported by friends, colleagues, water bearers and protectors locally and from around the world including Apostolia Papadamaki, Matt Thornton and Javier Gonzalez. The social cooperative Flow 42 is the organizer of this community orientated initiative.

“Water is a natural living environment which sustains life itself. By working with water rather than just in it or from it, we can form sustainable long-lasting relationships with water on our blue planet, Earth.

And yet we have used and abused water to the brink of our own extinction. We dump our waste in it, we have depleted marine life and still, we profit from her beauty and bounty without much in return.

Water responds to our emotions and to our intentions. This annual gathering is a call to action. What are we bringing to the water? We wish to see you in person at this year’s Water Conscious Circle.”

The Water Conscious Gathering will focus on 5 WAVES or themes presented by members of the local community supported either in person or online by international friends and experts in their field:

  • 1. WATER CONSCIOUSNESS – Living in a conscious relationship with water
  • 2. WATER EDUCATION – When water becomes the teacher
  • 3. WATER THERAPY – The need for an all year round warm water pool
  • 4. WATER PRESERVATION – Taking action for marine preservation
  • 5. WATER REGENERATION – Taking action for drinking water management

The intention for this annual WATER CONSCIOUS GATHERING is to raise awareness of water in our immediate environment, to inspire and to commit to a course of action in our community and to raise funds towards an all year round warm water therapy pool.

We also gather in CIRCLE both online and in-person, to meet, connect and share our individual work, passion, action in and with water, resting in the understanding that the RIPPLE EFFECT of the energy created when we come together in a circle for a common cause, is magnified exponentially.

The monthly online WATER CONSCIOUS CIRCLE meets around every full moon and is open to anyone wanting to connect and share about water. Each month the circle is led and coordinated by a different member of the global water family keeping the ‘fire’ of our connection alive.


1. Listen like water – the deeper we listen to each other the more we are able to hear.
2. Love like water – water accepts everything which is placed in it unconditionally.
3. Respect the water – each person speaks once before others get to speak a second round.
4. Transparent like water – making an effort to speak in person, for yourself and from personal experience.

Attendance is free with the capacity to donate towards the building of an all year round warm water pool which will benefit the entire community and its international visitors.

Languages spoken: English, Greek & Italian.