Ultimately the intention for the body of work called “Gennesis”, from the Greek word γέννηση meaning birth, is to inform the way we hold space for new human beings being born.

By providing a high vibration, conscious environment from the time that precedes conception up to the first couple of years of one’s life, we allow for a birth passage that retains more cognition of one’s transcendental identity.

A less shocking  and fearless birth experience allows for more of one’s life plan to remain  intact thereby increasing the potential of leading a life of joy aligned with one’s true purpose.

In the meantime, as we  cleanse deeply rooted fears connected to our pre-birth experiences the collective morphogenetic field becomes lighter for the next human entry.

By diving back to the moment of our conception we are able to remember that separation from our true nature is just an illusion.

We are Light made manifest with the ability to create our experience here on Earth. Is what I am creating now in line with what I agreed with my Self?

What if we were given the opportunity to be born anew? Right here right now.

As we return to the moment of our conception, supported in warm water and crystalline vibrations, we are able to recall our true identities.

In order to make this a pleasurable as well as a deeply transformative experience I use the benefits of warm water to hold space in a womb like environment.

Taking advantage of the memory enhancing properties of water, healing occurs naturally whilst we focus on retrieving our authentic selves.

Crystals assist us in remembering our authentic identities by emanating recognizable soul vibrations that exist in all dimensions.

By being held in an all accepting embrace it becomes easy and safe for us to return to our pre-birth state, with the purpose of ‘retrieving forgotten’ parts of our selves.

It is one’s breath that provides the key to how deep and how far one wishes to go so everything unfolds at a pace suited to each individual.