Supported In Water

“Water remembers, water loves, water heals”

By taking my healing practice into water I found that it is easier to ground energies from the etheric into the physical dimension. The water acts as a kind of conduit that allows the easier absorption of high vibrations by the physical body.

Water is conductive, creative and communicative.

The lack of gravity in water also allows for a range and speed of physical movement that simply cannot be experienced on dry land.

The sense of freedom and heart opening that this new found movement creates, releases powerful emotions and generates growth both physically and mentally.

Some of us need a little more support than others.

Allowing our bodies to be supported by water is healing in itself. The liquid content of our bodies resonates with the water surrounding us which releases toxic energies from our systems.

In water we feel a profound connection with an all-embracing love that can dissolve all pain and fear in our bodies.

A range of much deeper personal and collective memories can be surfaced in water too, including those of our existence as aquatic beings.

Being supported in water is a primal experience that allows us to remember our wholeness.