I have been raised in a culture that has for generations praised and rewarded doing.

A doing that is measured most often by success over another thereby encouraging competition, comparison, separation.

In not taking part in a game that is set by rules I don’t agree with I have been labelled as asocial, problematic or even a threat.

But as I attempted to stop all outward action my brain still functions on overdrive.

Conscious that even as I write this I am choosing, doing, creating.

My ‘real’ work becomes dealing with my own fear and guilt.

If I don’t do what is agr√©able or¬†accetabile, I won’t belong.


If I don’t belong, I won’t be loved.


If I am not loved I will die alone.

More fear.

In non-doing I am working on setting myself free.

In non-doing I am be-ing more of who I feel I really am.

In non-doing I discover what it is I really want to be do-ing.

A do-ing that is not dictated by fear or guilt.

A do-ing that spontaneously springs forth as an act of love, passion, the joy of being alive.

It might not make me a millionaire but it will save me from a life of ‘slavery’.

In non-doing I discover that it is the light that shines through me that carries the light.

It is my choice to contain it or not.

In non-doing I realise I am always loved no matter what!