…and it doesn’t even have to be your sofa.

The demands of work, family, spiritual calling, healing and processing can call for staying put.

You know what I mean? Timeline collapses, collective agendas, synchronicity and unforeseen circumstances so to speak…

Yes, we’d much rather be elsewhere but even if we do escape off somewhere, we might as well have stayed on the sofa.

Being lazy, addicted or resentful is not where I’m coming from here.

These are simply my findings reflecting on recent personal experience that wasn’t really my style…to date, that is.

So…how to take a holiday while staying on the sofa?

  • Wear your favourite comfy clothes even if that means wearing nothing.
  • Prepare your favourite drink and a snack if you feel you might need it so you don’t have to get up. Have it in arm’s reach.
  • Choose your sofa carefully be that a chair, the floor or even your bed so long as you are comfortable.
  • Choose a time you know you have no further commitments in the day.
  • Music is optional…choose it if silence puts you on edge.
  • Light a candle to hold space and something that smells exotic, yummy or nice.
  • Lighting that makes you feel juicy not wide awake.
  • Tell yourself you are going on holiday.
  • Put feelings of guilt or any other distractions in the hold.
  • Allow.
  • Allow some more.
  • Allow yourself the time to do nothing.
  • Rest, chill, get bored. You are allowed.
  • Allow yourself the time to put your thoughts in order, use a journal to help you out.
  • Allow yourself the time to process feelings and emotions you’d set aside for later.
  • Avoid the phone…if you must, it’s because its’ your bestie then get back to your holiday.
  • If you start feeling bored, it’s just the long flight over.
  • Start thinking about all the reasons you are grateful for in this moment.
  • If you really want to enjoy this holiday, slowly but surely a feeling of warmth and appreciation for the moment starts to rise to the surface.
  • The deeper you drop into this feeling the more you feel connected and alive.
  • If the sun begins to shine it’s on the inside and hey presto you’re on holiday!

We can give rise to all the emotions, sensations and states of being that we have ever experienced just by choosing to do so and allowing the memory to arise to the surface so that it feels like we are living it.

After all it’s the inner journey that matters and not the destination right?

Sounds bonkers? Let me know what you think?