Happy little voices singing words of joy ask me if I’m happy too?

“Hm yes I suppose I am” say I!

“What does suppose mean” they ask?

“Happy doesn’t think before it answers” they say.

“Happy just is. Now.”

Yummy juicy fruity watermelon tourmalines wobble like jelly in your mouth. Down into your heart and tummy they go laughing all the way.

They hold on to nothing for they feed off nothing but ask only that you play.

They live in the now for they only know how to simply be in the now. The future the past matter not for they have already forgot.

When feeling happy seems far, far away sip on some Happy Juice and feel the bounce come back into your step.

To make Happy Juice place one watermelon tourmaline in a glass of water and leave in the sun for an hour or two. Remove before drinking for to swallow it could make you unhappy too.

Drop some real strawberries in your cocktail too and even a rose quartz or two.

Happy Watermelon Tourmaline playmates are precious so take good care of them and remember to thank them too.