In search of a home away from Home.

Retrieving ‘information’ forgotten during our birth journey is possible particularly when immersed in warm water. Warm water acts as a memory catalyst by recreating a womb like environment.

This following extract is from a document written in 2013 entitled “Tales of a Mermaid Island” in which I explore the semantics of place on the mermaid shaped island of Corfu.

In a rather poetic way I wanted to describe how the place we choose to be born in does carry keys for our future growth and understanding of one’s self.

AS one enters their physical body during conception with the intention of living out their life plan a crucial amount of information gets ‘forgotten’. Not the kind of information that would make it easier later on in life to choose between one pair of shoes over another but rather the kind of vital information that would in fact help one fulfill their life’s purpose.

For example, what one chose to come and do on this Earth, how one pre-planned to complete this plan, where and with whom and what skills or gifts one chose prior to dissension to assist oneself in fulfilling this plan is also part of this veiled package of information. Remembering all this stuff, or not, then becomes what we generally refer to as Life.

A mother’s embrace can rarely supplement the unconditional Love we experience at Home. A father’s strength can rarely meet the fearless strength of Light from where it is we came from. And so the earthly strife of separation unfolds. Love becomes limited, conditional, fleeting. We compete for it, we close, we fear and Home becomes a distant déjà-vu at best.

It is an inevitable part of life on Earth so far to feel pain, separation, rejection, abandonment, guilt, shame and violence as a chain reaction to all of the above. We then become convinced that love hurts, that only through pain we learn and that life is tough. We discover a physical body we must learn to inhabit and derive pleasure from, whilst joy becomes something we swiftly move in and out from if we try.

STOP! Put me back. I want to remember. I want to exist in Love and Light here, in this body as if Home where here on Earth. In order to feel better about this slight collective memory lapse and its repercussions I like to justify the process as having been necessary for our evolutionary plan.

If evolving, changing, striving for a bigger better and personally a happier state of existence, however, is all due to the fact we are trying to remember who we are, what would the possibilities on this Earth be if we didn’t forget? If we came through our dear mothers’ birth canals with our memories intact? Would we in fact need to come on down here in the first place? I personally like to believe that the new generations to come will in fact remember what it is like to be One with all creation and that one day not far from today we will not have to experience this painful sense of separation from Home in order to evolve.

In the meantime, for those such as I, living with a dual hemispheric brain that manifested our current incarnation with the familiar memory glitch that lead to a sense of separation, the personal search for a home away from Home and the unveiling of my life’s purpose continues to unfold. In fact, Ulysses’ journey in search of Ithaca just went global.

The Yogic Sofa

Constantine Cavafys, the Nobelesque Greek poet ensured that Ulysses’ epic return journey home to Ithaca following the war in Troy became a metaphor for the trials and tribulations of Self. “Ithaca” remained the destination but the road to Ithaca became the road less traveled. The quest for a soul’s return Home is as ancient as time itself.

Cavafys argues that the Journey is what is of real value rather than the place of one’s arrival. Indeed. That is of course the best way to see it if you have to make the best of what you’ve been spooned with.  A snail on the other hand might argue that you carry your Home wherever you go. I agree of course that a sense of Home is felt within, but I am not a snail. A yogi would say that in fact you don’t have to travel anywhere at all to remember oneself since all is a reflection of inner processes and a commitment thereof and thereby a comfy sofa would suffice. Right again. This epic, however, is about where one chooses to put their sofa in the first place and that where one chooses to put the sofa is of no little matter. This is of course if one feels to ‘go into’ such matters. One might not be interested in a sense of place. I, however, and other Axis Mundis are.

How many times have I heard people exclaim “ah this feels like home”! In fact, every time one visits a new place one does a mental check to see if they could live there or not. It’s true is it not? Why do we feel instinctively attracted to one place over another? Why does a cat sit on one pillow and not another? Is it comfort? Is it smell? Size? What was so strong about Ulysses’ Ithaca that got him through all those trials and tribulations?

In fact, the feeling of home is not necessarily connected to beauty or comfort for there would be many uninhabited buildings, towns or cities. Perhaps it’s the accumulated presence of ones ancestors in any given place. Perhaps it’s the familiar, accumulated daily and over time. Familiar? Familiar to what? Is it in fact a feeling of belonging and a sense of security that this feeling provides. It is very personal but not entirely unexplainable.”

The body of work I refer to as Gennesis: Birthing Conscious Humans is still evolving in an aquatic environment supporting children integrate the most of their incoming energy fields and healing the sense of separation from source created at birth.

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