I received you in the water when I thought I really didn’t know how.

But I felt that it was a Yes in my heart and so I stepped aside and asked for your guidance.

You don’t speak, you don’t look and I’m not sure how much you like to touch either.

I feel your fear, your resistance, your angry No.

There must be more beyond this, I know.

Who are you?

Where are you?

I need silence, more silence please.

I want to feel and to feel some more.

True connection lies deep.

If I push you I feel I’ll lose you,

And just then you surprise me with a hug.

I see a smile rise to the surface as you let your feet go,

Even if I am still not sure which way to go.

“Have faith” Sophie, I hear “trust and get out of your head”.

And then, whilst others splash and swim all around us,

You give me a clue.

You close your eyes.

Even if I am just getting to know you,

We share the same breath.

In a second of a flash,

I hear my inner voice guide me loud and clear.

Close your eyes, she is showing you how.

Eyes wide shut,


We dive deeper

Into the unknown

With only our love.

Thank you water.

Photo by Ramon-Perez-Niz