We all have something we fear. If it isn’t one thing or a something, then it’s probably an inner state floating somewhere beneath the surface.

Few human beings are comfortable with the ultimate fear, our own mortality. Few are really comfortable with deep dark waters.

For most people, the need for introspection rises to the surface when something comes along to shake our waters.

Some choose to live in a constant state of fear, panic, anxiety lest they face those dark liquid spaces, in case that monster from the deep gets unleashed.

We also all have a certain wave length we call our comfort zone. A state we feel at ease with, even if it is uncomfortable, limited or even swampy.

If we settle for familiar waters for too long, the slightest shift in wavelength can feel like a tsunami that has us toppling over.

Falling, tripping or being pushed into the deep is often traumatic. More traumatic even, than what we imagine could be at the bottom of the deep, in the first place.

“How to approach deep waters is often overlooked at home, at school or swimming classes both physically and metaphysically.”  

And so we focus on the shock, horror, trauma of ‘falling’ into the deep, blaming who or what we saw as responsible for it.

We have spent life times trying to figure out how it could have happened differently, rather than grabbing the opportunity for a good look into the deep end.

But what if we were to choose to take a dive INTO THE DEEP rather than feel pushed in or without a choice?

However impossible at first, then scary, then challenging, then maybe, a yes.

The very fact that we consciously choose to do anything, changes the whole dynamic of the situation.

Twenty, ten or even five years ago, in some countries, going to a therapist was whispered behind closed doors. It was something you did because you felt or were seen to be ‘fucked up’ in some way.

Today we have evolved into accepting our shrink as a necessary accessory to modern day living, which could positively translate as, accepting to go into uncharted waters for the average person.

The damn would otherwise certainly break, with all the pent up inner pressure.

Choosing to consciously and proactively face a challenge, that has you stepping out of your comfort zone and into deeper waters, can have a huge impact on our wellbeing.

This is not a question of climbing high mountains or swimming with sharks, but of taking a premeditated step INTO THE DEEP.

With every deep dive we take, we allow more sunlight to enter dark spaces. Those waters that rarely see the light, get the chance to have life poured into them.

With every dive INTO THE DEEP we awaken what has been latent, avoided, unchurned.

Like whales that spiral up and down the depth of the oceans and in doing so they allow life to regenerate on all levels of the aquatic environment, everyone benefits.

Through our waters we are all connected. Like interconnected containers of liquid we influence each other.

“In diving deeper I allow more light into the entire ocean”

Are you pulled by the rapture of the deep or are you literally petrified at the thought of swimming in deep dark waters?

Fear is fear whatever shape or form it manifests in. Allowing oneself to safely explore the depths of it, is an opportunity to tranform darkness into light.



INTO THE DEEP is an aquatic workshop that unfolds on land and in water.

First we create a ‘safe’ physical, emotional and spiritual space on land, before heading out into actual deep sea waters by boat for a swim and a float.

This workshop is for those that feel ready to face some deep seeded fears rather than keen deep sea divers.

There is no point in pushing or forcing ourselves, for this kind of energy will only produce even more fear.

This is about the gentle encouragement and belief in oneself in overcoming self imposed limitations.

Everyone is free to unfold at their own pace.

The task at hand is simply to observe, allow and forgive ourselves some more.

To break through our fear into love and joy is a spiritual journey in itself.

This is an opportunity to set ourselves free.


INTO THE DEEP can run at any time, as long as there is a minimum of four participants.

Approximate duration is from 10:00 a.m. to 19:00 p.m.

The waters in Arillas, Corfu are friendly and crystal clear. It is the ideal location to hold space for this kind of work.

Sophia is an aquatic therapist and educator that works with adults and children in Corfu and abroad. These are the waters she grew up in.

For more information and reservations please contact us at